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The purpose of Trinity Digital Ministry is to inspire, encourage and support women in God through Biblical messages, prayer, praise and worship.

God’s calling on my life to pursue this ministry is a powerful one.

It started out with some women from the body of Christ where I worship and praise God. There was about 20 at first. In a matter of a couple of months it grew to over 30 women.

God placed a message in my heart to share over mobile text messaging each morning. Those messages actually started out as scripture images found on various websites. Some I created. However, God pushed me to start creating full messages. They came to be over 100 words.

At one point, prayer requests and their replies from the tribe started to become unmanageable through text messaging. It was then that God placed it on my heart to create an online community. That was translated into a Google Plus Community. It’s where women can come and share to their heart’s content in reply to the posted daily messages. That has proven to be a can of worms and many of the women began missing out on the messages.

This is where this website and its content came about for women to unite through the Trinity Digital Ministry Tribe.

devotion bible imageA new biblical message is posted here daily.

Share in the comments how God is speaking to you through the messages.

Remember, no man is an island. Whatever your story is please drop your walls and share because someone will relate to it. They will be blessed by it and God will use it to help each of us heal.

The daily message will be posted here and then posted in the Google Plus Community.  The Google Plus Community is set up as request to join to preserve privacy of those who do not wish for their posts and comments to be public.