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Place of Honor


To put this scripture into perspective we need to see the context of it here; in Acts 5: 29-32.

It says this:
29 But Peter and the apostles replied, “We must obey God rather than any human authority. 30 The God of our ancestors raised Jesus from the dead after you killed him by hanging him on a cross. 31 Then God put him in the place of honor at his right hand as Prince and Savior. He did this so the people of Israel would repent of their sins and be forgiven. 32 We are witnesses of these things and so is the Holy Spirit, who is given by God to those who obey him.”

Acts 5: 29-32

Peter and the apostles were arrested by the high priest and his officials, who were Sadducees. However, they were released by an angel who told them, “Go to the Temple and give the people this message of life!”

The high council didn’t like that the apostles were teaching in the Temple and had the arrested again and brought back to stand trial. The High Council reminded the apostles that they were instructed to never teach again, about Jesus.

Then, Peter and the apostles replied with the message in verses 29-32.

The apostles are trying to get it into the council’s thick heads that Jesus is the authority, not them. Jesus is the Almighty Powerful God. The sinners need to repent and be forgiven.

Being at God’s right hand is a very important place to be. I know we get bogged down with the concept of the Trinity. The Triune God. I know it’s confusing for many. The main thing to remember is that God is forgiving and He offers us the chance to accept His forgiveness through Jesus. Jesus is the ultimate Gift. HE is our Savior born through a virgin, Mary. That in and of itself is a miracle.

What will you do with the miracle of Jesus, our Savior, this Christmas? Me?

You see it right here. I’m doing my best to share HIM with everyone. He’s the light of the world, He’s the bread of life.

Your turn! GO!


Dear Abba Yah, Jesus, and Holy Spirit, I lift the readers of this blog up to YOU and pray they seek You and find peace and love in You, as well as, forgiveness. Thank You, Almighty Yah, in Jesus’ name, amen.

Gift of Peace


Day 7 of 25 Advent Scripture

We have peace with God. It is sin that produces the strife between us and God, not only creates a weird awkwardness but, an animosity; the holy righteous God cannot, in honor, be at peace with a sinner while he continues under the guilt of sin. Justification takes away the guilt, and so opens a pathway for peace. And the like are the kindness and generosity of God to man that, immediately at the time of the removal of the obstruction (sin), the peace is made. By faith, we obtain God’s arm of strength, and then, are at peace.

How can we not accept God’s gift of Jesus with the peace that comes with it? We all want peace; don’t we?

What does God’s peace look like in your life? Me?

Well, let me see if I can make a quick rundown.

  • In situations where my life should’ve been taken; He saw fit to keep me alive.
  • Times when I lived not such a good lifestyle; He showed me grace and mercy to deliver me out of it.
  • He uses me to bless all of you who read this blog.
    • Decades ago I started my walk with God.
    • At some point along the way, He placed this ministry on my heart.
      • I didn’t know exactly how to execute it. So, I just did what I knew best and shared Him with anyone who would listen.
      • The Internet finally came along. I made a website. Not this one. This one came much much later.
      • FB came along and I shared there on my personal profile.
      • God finally showed me through the inspiration from other online ministries what to do.
  • I’m blessed to have a wonderful marriage through God.
    • We’ve had our fair share of bumps in the road. It’s not all sunshine and roses.
  • Although I don’t have relationships with them, I have 5 grandchildren.
    • If God wants it to happen; it will happen.

Your turn! GO!


Dear Abba Yah, show my readers Your path to peace. Show them Your love and grace as You have to me. I thank You for the readers of this blog. I thank You for the gift of Salvation through Jesus, the Messiah. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Sovereign Power


Day 6 of 25 Advent Scripture

Our Lord Jesus is full of power, a mighty Savior. He is a righteous Judge. He will complete His purpose. He is a caring and tender Lord, however.

“With the pity and tenderness of a shepherd,” God is the Shepherd of Israel; Christ is the good Shepherd. Quote: Matthew Henry

The same that rules with the strong hand of a prince leads and feeds with the kind hand of a shepherd. The Lord is mighty and strong but, yet, tender and caring; especially for those that need it the most.

That is so amazing to me. The Lord is hard but, yet, soft. It’s mind-blowing to me that He can be both. It’s almost incomprehensible. He’s definitely the ultimate gift from God! It can never be topped!

What’s your take on it? Share your thoughts.


Thank YOU, Abba Yah, for such an amazing gift of a shepherd who is so tender and caring. I pray that the reader of this blog is blessed by such a gift as Jesus. I pray in Jesus’ name, amen.

God’s Love For The World


This scripture is part of a discourse between Jesus and Nicodemus. Jesus was explaining to him, Nicodemus, how Jesus, himself, is the Son of God and that He, Jesus, was to be the Savior of the world. Jesus was explaining to Nicodemus how God loved the world so much that whoever believes in Jesus shouldn’t perish but have everlasting life.

This is the ultimate act of love. Jesus giving Himself as our Savior because God loves us so much he doesn’t want to see us perish. So much grace and mercy here.

God is such a merciful and gracious God. What an awesomely amazing gift to us.

How does that affect you?


Dear Heavenly Abba Yah; how amazingly wonderful You are. Thank You to infinity and beyond. There’s not enough thank yous to cover how much I appreciate this gift of salvation through Jesus Christ, the Messiah. I pray that the readers of this blog have accepted You as their savior and live it out in their lives. I pray that we can be the best disciples of Jesus to share His Good News with those around us. I pray in Jesus’ name, amen.

The King is Coming!


Jesus, He’s our King. He’s coming!

“He is the God of salvation; treasures of salvation are in him.”

Matthew Henry

So amazing! REJOICE, O’ people. SHOUT in triumph.

Aren’t you excited and joyful of the coming King? How are you celebrating Jesus? Me?

I celebrate Jesus every day of the year. I pray, share Him with everyone I can, and serve when I can. HE was the ultimate servant. He washed his disciple’s feet.

Your turn! GO!


Dear Abba Yah, I pray for the readers of this blog and lift them up to You. I pray that they accept Jesus as their savior and they shout and rejoice Jesus coming as their King. In Jesus’ name, amen.

The Saviour Who Was A Servant


He (The Messiah) grew up as a plant, silently, and concealed. He had none of the glory that one might’ve thought when coming in contact with him. His whole life wasn’t only humble externally but, also heavy-hearted. Being made sin for us, he suffered the punishment sin had subjected us to. He chose to be made sin for us. He knew all along that this was happening.

Our sins call for all anguish and suffering, even the harshest. We’re saved from the devastation [because of sin we become accountable] by laying our sins on Christ. This atonement was to be made for our sins. And this is the only way of salvation.

What an amazingly gracious and merciful God we serve. The Messiah, a gift, instead of punishment and devastation.

How does the gift of The Saviour look in your life?

Me? God has blessed me beyond comprehension. I deserve the harshest devastation. But, yet, He sees to it that I am spared through The Messiah’s gift of salvation through grace. Thank You, Yah!

Accept Yahweh’s gift of salvation through The Messiah and be very blessed. That’s not to say we’ll never go through hardship in life. Yahweh often uses hardship to build our faith and to bring others to a saving faith in Him. It’s a free gift. All we need to do it accept it and live it out in our lives. I do my best. I slip up sometimes. But, because Yahweh is such an amazing GOD, he forgives me and gives me another chance to make it right with Him. What about you?


Dear Abba Yah, I lift up the readers of this blog. I pray for them to seek YOU in this Christmas season. I pray they lay all their burdens at the foot of Your throne and leave them with You to handle. I trust You to do that, Yah! Thank You for the gift of salvation through The Messiah, Jesus. I thank You in advance for hearing and answering this prayer. In Jesus’ name, amen.

And He Will Be Called…


This Child was born for the sake of us people, we sinners, of all believers, from the beginning to the end of the world. With good reason, he’s called Wonderful, because he is both God and man. His love is the wonder of angels and glorified saints. He is the Counsellor because, he knew the counsels of God from eternity; and he gives counsel to men, in which he advises our well-being. He is the Wonderful Counsellor; none teaches like him. He is God, the mighty One. The Character of, is the labor of the Mediator, that no less power than that of the mighty God could deliver. He is God, one with the Father. As the Prince of Peace, he reconciles us to God; he is the Giver of peace in the heart and moral sense; and when his kingdom is fully rooted, men will learn to war no more. The government will be in sync with him; he will carry the burden of it. Divine things are spoken of Christ’s government. There is no end to the growth of its peace because the happiness of its peoples will last for eternity. The exact agreement of this prophecy with the doctrine of the New Testament shows that Jewish prophets and Christian teachers had the same view of the person and salvation of the Messiah.

With that, how can we not believe? He was born specifically to save us, sinners. It’s amazing! I look forward to peace for eternity. Peace is something the world had been working towards for some time now. The whole earth needs Jesus. That’s where peace is found. In HIM and HIM alone!

Join me this season to seek out His peace.

Dear Heavenly Father, I seek Your peace. I pray that the readers of this blog will also seek You, not just for peace but, for their salvation as well. Thank You for Jesus! He’s the reason for the Christmas season! In Jesus’ name, amen.

2 of 25 of Advent Scripture.
#Advent #Christmas #Messiah

Ahaz’s Sign of the Messiah


Ahaz was threatened. He was assured the attack was fruitless. Then, God gives Ahaz a reliably certain sign by the promise of the long-expected Messiah.

God keeps His promises. God is trustworthy! We need to trust Him in what He says. We also need to learn to be patient.

But, wow, can you imagine receiving a message like that? The Messiah is coming! Hallelujah!

I would’ve been mind blown! My jaw would drop to the ground! I would’ve gone bonkers with excitement. I probably wouldn’t be able to sleep!

How would you react and feel if you were Ahaz and been told that news?

1 of 25 of Advent Scripture.

#Advent #Christmas #Messiah


Dear Abba YAH, I lift up the reader of this blog and pray that it blesses them and causes the lost to reach out to You and be found because of this amazing Messiah message! In Jesus’ precious and holy name, amen!

GOD Wins!


Read the full chapter here!

This scripture is amazing! It shows the power of GOD and how he blesses people who obey Him. I mean; consult God 1st. Listen for His reply and obey Him. We tend to complicate things with the ifs ands and buts. It’s not necessary! Wait on God and move when He says move. God causes things to happen in His favor. He will do it with or without us. He doesn’t need our help. So, in the scripture God uses David. In fact, God is so powerful He caused all the nations to fear David, the King.

So, how does this apply to us? How do we apply it to our lives today? Here are my thoughts:

  • Stop taking things into our own hands and taking control of matters we don’t need to.
  • Leave our emotions out of it.
    • Emotions are fickle. It never turns out well when we allow our emotions to make decisions for us.
  • Consult with God 1st and foremost.
    • Be in His word. It’s alive! Each time you read it, God is telling you something.
    • Pray about everything! Prayer works!
  • Trust God in what His word says.
    • Miracles do still happen!
  • Do not allow other’s emotions, words, etc to influence us in our lives.
  • Allow the Holy Spirit to move. Do not block Him!
    • Read the 2nd bullet point again!
    • Read the 3rd bullet point again!
    • Rinse and repeat all the bullet points.

Dear Abba Yah, I lift up the readers of this blog to You. I pray that they will be blessed by it and will reach out and seek You fully and sincerely. Show us the way. Open our eyes to see the way You want us to go. You are amazing and awesome, Yahweh! I adore, glorify, honor, and love You. Thank You, in advance, for hearing and answering this prayer. In Jesus’ name, amen.

GOD; He Delivered Us!


“Let us trust in that God who has often delivered us to do it still, to do it now! Let us not be so stunned, but have an eye to God in His word, not in an image; let us depend upon that, and upon the promises and predictions of it, and God’s power to accomplish them all. And let us know that the unbelief of man shall not make the word of God of no effect.” ~ Matthew Henry

God is my creator! There is none like Him and none can compare. There is no equal. He alone is The Almighty, omnipotent (infinite in power), omniscient (having complete or unlimited knowledge, awareness, or understanding; perceiving all things), omnipresent, (present everywhere, at all times, at the same time) God.

God, Yahweh, is my deliverer, now and always. He will manage with our without me. He has all control. He doesn’t need me to accomplish His plan. There is nothing I can offer Him to accomplish His plan.

All I need to do it trust, obey and have faith in Him and Him alone. What does that mean for me? How does it apply to my life? How can I apply it to my life? Here are my thoughts:

  1. Stop being selfish and thinking I can handle my life without God; because it’s not possible.
  2. Pray
  3. Be in His Word
    1. It is alive. Every time I read it God stretches me to learn more to apply more to my life.
  4. Have Christian fellowship with like-minded brothers and sisters in Christ knowing that God will use those relationships to sharpen me to more Christ-like.
  5. Stop believing the lies of the devil.
    1. If you need guidance here, message me and I’ll help.
  6. Live by example! Be Christ’s example to a lost world.

Dear Abba Yah, show me the way because a lot of times I’m so lost I’m unable to find my way. I trust You. I know You will never mislead me. I pray for the readers of this blog. I lift each of them up to You. I pray that they will earnestly surrender to You and divest themselves of all worldly things and follow You 100%. I pray this for myself as well. It’s easy to get distracted and veer off the path. Thank You in advance for hearing and answering my prayers, Yahweh. In Jesus’ name, amen.