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The Temple – House of Prayer


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Passion Week – Day 2 Jesus arrives at and enters the temple to find money changers inside and drives them out because the temple is a house if prayer. He, then, began to teach daily in the temple. However, the religious leaders & teachers weren’t happy about it. They began plans to kill Jesus. They wanted to stop Him. But, they couldn’t think of anything. The people hung on Jesus’ every word. We have to contemplate what the impact of this is. Why did the religious leaders want to stop Jesus so bad they want to kill Him over it? Why did the people hang on Jesus’ every word? What did the people gain from listening to and following through with what the learned from listening to Jesus? Let me know your thoughts on this scripture. Me? Yeah, Jesus was teaching of the benefits of turning from the pagan gods and surrendering to the One true God pulling from the old testament and current state of what’s to come (prophecy). People liked what they heard, why? Because Jesus wasn’t teaching about man-made ritualistic rules. What else? Your turn!

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Live to Please God


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Live to please God, not man! If you question God’s will for your life… Here you go! Please God, not man! Yeah, I know, living in this world is tough. Our attitude makes a major impact on how tough life can be. Take it in stride. Keep moving. Don’t take everything personal. You’re giving yourself too much credit. Everyone is fighting a battle. It’s not about us. Don’t let the devil get into your head with his lies. He wants, more than anything, to keep you distracted with lies so you’ll be living in chaos. That’s his world, not ours. πŸ—£οΈIn Jesus’ name, devil, get out, you do not belong here! Jesus wins! βœοΈπŸ’― Amen! I challenge you to post a praise to Jesus and kick the devil out! Share with me so I can go and praise with you!

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Grace and Peace


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Grace & Peace. Jesus reconciled us to God because it was God’s plan. Without Jesus, we would be destined to hell for eternity. Thank God, He didn’t want that for us. What are you grateful for today? Me? Yeah, I’m grateful that we have our needs met. A roof over our heads, food to eat, a place to sleep, good health, and our faith in God! I say we because, I’m referring to all of us who fit in that category. I don’t normally say a prayer in these posts. However, I feel that’s it’s time to do it, today. Thank You, Abba Yah, Adonai, for our salvation, and our mortal needs met. I lift up all those who are infected by this pandemic virus. I pray a solution be put into effect and that all this craziness to be resolved. I pray that life gets back to some semblance of peace & order. Thank You, again. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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Keep Praying


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It’s simple. Just pray. Don’t stop. We know the power of prayer. How can I pay for your? Send me a private message if you like.

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Great Joy Opportunity

Be Rewarded

Powerful Display

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Breathed On By God

Cheerful Giver

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