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Yahweh’s Thoughts

Psalm 139_17-18 image

In the middle of trial, confusion, or doubt, we might want to cry out to the Lord as Jesus did on the Cross, “Why have You forsaken me?” We might feel that we’re handling the circumstances alone, but this Scripture gives us merciful discernment into Yahweh’s heart for us. His thoughts toward us are not evil; they’re full of hope, faith, and peace.

The psalmist also wrote about Yahweh’s thoughts toward us: “The Lord has been mindful of us; He will bless us” (Ps. 115:12). “How precious to me are your thoughts, O God! How vast is the sum of them! If I would count them, they are more than the sand. I awake, and I am still with you.” (Ps. 139:17-18).

We all encounter circumstances where we’re tempted to think that Yahweh has left us or no longer cares. But be encouraged that His thoughts for us are countless, and they’re filled with blessing, hope, peace, love, and purpose.

Where do you find yourself today? We all have doubts. It’s what we do with the doubts that get us into strife or not.

Comment and let’s interact. Share and let’s chat.

Me: Yes, I’ve had my fair share of doubts and wondered if Yahweh has left me. I always come back to His promises. He will never leave me nor forsake me.

Boom! Your turn.

Eternal Fulfillment

Ecclesiastes 1 image

The test to us who live in this life of greed and materialism is not to pursue real advantage in earthly things and convenient lifestyles, but to focus on the things that are above (Since you were raised from the dead with Christ, aim at what is in heaven, where Christ is sitting at the right hand of God. Col. 3:1).

We will gain our fulfillment only in Yahweh.

Where do you find yourself today? What are your thoughts on greed and materialism? Comment and let’s chat and interact. I’d like to hear your feedback.

Me? There was a time in my past where I was caught up in materialism and was somewhat of a hoarder. Yahweh changed all of that. He helped me see “the light” and changed my heart.

It’s your turn! GO!

Goodness and Light

2 Corinthians 6_14-18 image

Light brightens the dark. Good can overcame bad. However, they are polar opposites to each other. They can not be combined into one.

As the famous proverb goes:

“Oil and water don’t mix!”

I can attest to this. A precious relationship I had fits this description. The other person was toxic and bad influencing me. I severed that relationship.

Sometimes we need to sever relationships and get out of the toxic bad environment to heal and be a better temple of Yahweh. As well as His children. Yahweh says so.

If He says it’s so, then it is! No argument from me.

What do you say to this? Where do you find yourself right now? What is the Holy Spirit speaking to your soul right now?

Comment, find me online and private message me, let’s chat. Let me pray with you.

Suffering Strong

Be encouraged today!

Suffering or trial, in any area of life you are encountering it, will be used to advance Yahweh’s purpose in you. He is making you whole, placing you on His path, filling you with spiritual strength, and laying the foundation for your future.
We all suffer to some degree. Yahweh uses it to strengthen when you allow Him to.

I’m no different. I thank Yahweh for it. Why? Because it furthers His Kingdom. One day we will meet Him in Heaven and be with Him for Eternity!

I’m looking forward to that! Aren’t you?

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No Anxiety

Be Humbled!

1 Peter 5_6-7 image

Yahweh knows us and our needs, and He still loves us and wants to be our burden-bearer.

It yields great peace to simply know that there is Someone who cares. He cares about you so much that He sent His Son, Jesus; He cut through all the “red tape” to reach you!

He is our peace, and He freely takes our burdens on Himself if we will only place them in His hands.

Where are your burdens today? In His hands or yours?

Comment your experience and let’s chat.

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Yahweh’s Steadfastness

Psalm 139_1-6_14_17 image

What a satisfaction to know that while our future may sometimes look uncertain at best, and useless at worst, Yahweh knows exactly what exists ahead. The destructive things that come to us in life are the consequence of fallen humanity living on a broken planet, but through it all, Yahweh’s hand is yet just as steadfast and He will guide us.

As v. 17 says in the scripture image: How precious are Your thoughts concerning me, O’ God! How vast in number they are!

The vastness of Him is incomprehensible to us. I am in absolute awe of Him and all that entails of Him.

What are your thoughts on this? Comment and let’s chat.

Equality of Yahweh

James 2_8-9 image
To consider one race, group or individual as less important than another is a sin, in view of the fact that Christ died for all people and for each one singly. At the foot of the Cross, we’re all equal, both in our worth to Yahweh (He sent His Son to die for each of us) and in our need to accept His gift of salvation. Let’s learn to respect and honor every person. Redemption is for us all.

We Know The Shepherd

John 10_14-15 image

Jesus came to deliver us from death and to offer to us an abundant life in Him. He wants to fill our lives with purpose and satisfaction in Him. By His death and resurrection, Christ has opened a new quality of life for all mankind, where “If anyone belongs to Christ, there is a new creation. The old things have gone; everything is made new!” (2 Corinthians 5:17).

If there an area of your life where the “thief” has come to steal, kill, or destroy; you can turn to the Lord Jesus (now) because, “With God’s power working in us, God can do much, much more than anything we can ask or imagine” (Ephesians 3:20).

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Being Caring

Matthew 25_40_45 image
These are Jesus’ words to the people.

When we neglect to care for human needs, we neglect to place just importance on others, lowering our own character in the eyes of the Lord and welcoming His conviction upon ourselves.

Here Jesus likens our conduct of those who are poverty-stricken or distraught with our conduct of Himself. What we do for others, we do for Jesus.

There have been times in my past that I would ignore someone who needed help because I felt it was inconvenient. I’m sure at some point in time we’ve all done it. We place more importance on ourselves than on what we do for Jesus.

Let’s turn that attitude around. What will you do for Jesus today?

Me: I’ll pay more attention to the needs of others. I’ll do my best to offer help when and where needed.

Your turn! Go!

A New Command: Love One Another

John 13_34-35 image

When we’ve been misunderstood and abused, we become more understanding toward those unfortunates of our world who grieve under the heels of cruelty and darkness. We identify with their suffering and can surely “weep with those that weep.” Our hearts grow a tenderness and compassion which will help to improve our relationships and nourish our souls.

Sure, it hurts and causes feelings of indignation when we are hurt. Nevertheless, we are not to take vengeance. Yahweh commands us to live by a new command of life: the law of love, that accepts misunderstanding and abuse and answers to them with tenderness.

Love as Yahweh loves us. The only way to do that is through the Holy Spirit. We’re unable to do it on our own. It requires something that we are incapable of, alone.

By this, all will know we are His disciples; because we love one other.

Allow the Holy Spirit in. Allow Him to soften our hearts; loving those unfortunate ones we relate to because we’ve already been there.

I like the quote:

“Be kind! For everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.”

Even though you don’t know their battle, you can still relate in some way.

How are you traveling? Share your experience with others and your love for them in the comments.