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Is God On Site?

Esther 4:12-16 image

Let’s look at Esther, from the Old Testament. She was made the queen.

The book of Esther doesn’t one time refer to the name of God, neither is there a relating to God or a specifying of prayer. Still, the whole book is energized through with His Presence and protection. This exciting story is told so masterfully that it is difficult to avoid the meaning. The story is entitled to speak for itself without any advocates and therefore makes an even deeper impact on the reader.

Esther’s real name was Hadassah. In Persia, she was known as “Esther” which meant “Ishtar” or “Venus.” No uncertainty the name was given to her because of her great beauty. The Israelites’ continuance was being endangered by a deranged Jew-hater. Haman planned to kill all the Jews and promised a large prize to obtain the king’s support. His plan failed because, not know to him, God had provided the king a Jewish wife. Haman was executed by hanging in his own noose. The message sounds out clearly that God protects His people.

Mordecai, Esther’s uncle, is a powerful spiritual might in the story. In the hour of darkest crisis, he charges Esther to rise to the situation still at the danger of her life. He cautions her that she was called to the kingdom for only the like of a trial as this. In summary, it is obvious to see that Mordecai was accurate. His moving words sound out in our ears today.

In a conflicted-haunted world, we, also, are summoned to the Kingdom for such a time as this. May we respond as Esther did, in unselfish devotion to our Christ.

How are you responding to Yahweh’s call on your life? Comment, let’s chat!

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Global Blessing

Genesis 12_1-3 image

Yahweh’s distinct promise to Abram had a global mission; He said to Abram: “I will bless you that you might be a blessing … to all nations.”

In Christ Jesus, a personal relationship with Yahweh through the gift of the Spirit is available for everyone. The good news of Jesus Christ is not only to be believed and relished; it’s also to be shared and passed on to “all nations.”

Have you accepted the good news of Jesus Christ? If not, why? What’s stopping you?

Share an experience you had when you passed along the good news of Jesus Christ! We want to hear about others being blessed!

Me: Some people are adamant in not believing and accepting Jesus and His blessings and promises for us. Several were seeking and ready for it. I can recall witnessing to some and they accepted Christ right then and there. It was moving, it was a blessing, and mind blowing to see the person’s countenance change, as well as their minds.

Your turn! Go!

The Spirit and The Cross

1 Corinthians 2_4-5 image

Paul writes to the Corinthians about the power of the Cross through the Holy Spirit. In the text, Paul mentions that he wanted to come to the people as a weak and fearful human without the power of the Holy Spirit to show how powerful the message of the Cross is and what it symbolizes. He wanted the people to know that his teaching and preaching were not of human strength and wisdom but, from the Holy Spirit and the power of Yahweh.

The cross of Jesus Christ is the power of Yahweh. It is a subject of mockery for those who are dying in their sins, but it is the only power to save for those who believe. All of life’s last issues are completed at the cross: human pride vs. Yahweh’s provision, man’s sin vs. Yahweh’s love, our enemy the devil vs. Yahweh’s perfect Son. Here at the cross, Jesus cried, “It is finished.”

Let’s allow the power of this completed work happen in us today. If you haven’t yet! It’s transforming power is amazing and wonderful.

Where do you stand today? Share and comment your experience.

Me: I stand at the foot of the Cross and I seek to bow before Him at His feet while He sits on the Throne! I come before Him in the Throneroom bowing before Him! There was a time I rebelled. I got a dose of reality and came to my senses when I realized how wretched I am with Him. Do you? If not, why?

Patience For Repentance

2 Peter 3_9 image

Human nature is impatient, don’t you agree? Generally, we don’t like waiting for things to happen. Perfect example; driving along and then getting stuck behind a slow moving vehicle. We want for them to pick up speed or get out of the way, right? OR we get in the check-out line for whatever purchase we’re making and we get stuck behind the person with everything except the kitchen sink to scan in, or behind someone with (what we consider) the spawn of satan.

Yes, I have these experiences. I’m an impatient person, I think. However, I’ve been told by many that I have the patience of Job. I won’t go into details, but, I’ve had some crazy life experiences.

The LORD is the perfect example of patience. He gives us every chance to make the correct choices to come to repentance so that none of us perish. He made us a promise, he doesn’t back out of it.

What are you waiting for? It’s your choice to accept Him and come to Him, repent of your sins. One day time will run out. What then?

I would rather live my life as if there is a God and die to find out there isn’t than live as if there isn’t and to die to find out that there is. Albert Camus

Prayer: The Tool Of Spiritual Warfare

2 Cor 10_3-4 image

Toolboxes or tool belts. We all have them. Some are mental toolboxes. We have all these defense mechanisms in place. Each one is a tool to help us through life. The one main tool that most people lack is prayer. It’s one of the most powerful tools we can possess.

Prayer interprets spiritual action into effective headway. Our warfare demands spirit-filled, Bible-quoting, Holy Spirit-directed, supernatural prayer. This prayer hurls down the works of the devil, closes the mouth of the liar, and heals the minds of those trapped by their own disobedience.

Examine your tool boxes. If prayer is missing, add it. For obvious reasons.

First step: Seek Yahweh and surrender to His obedience.

Second step: Add prayer and build your relationship with Yahweh.

Finally, find like-minded believers and have fellowship, learning the Bible, applying it to your life.

I did this a long time ago and it’s been a great and blessed thing in my life. It can be for all of you too.

Comment, let me know how I can pray for you.

​Spiritual Authority

Man’s enchantment with the otherworldly is well documented everywhere in all of history. Here Jesus talks to His own disciples’ distraction with their victory over demonic powers. Not releasing its importance nor lessening their joy, Jesus is helping them recognize genuine priorities for the people of faith. 

  1. It must be no shock that evil spirits were cast out by the disciples. Jesus gave them His power [Greek: exousia explained]. This power is essential for existing as spiritual people in a demon-filled world. However, it is not for impressing or to “confirm” their power.
  2. The single-most valued truth and proof of divine power are Yahweh’s love, forgiveness, and eternity in trade for our weakness, sin, and humanity. There is no higher power than that that saves a sinner from hell. There is no judgment to be made. Casting out demons is fulfilled in Jesus’ authority; but, the deliverance of a sinner needed the sacrifice of His life.

He is our Salvation! He is The Power, only power, Omnipotent One! He is our strength!

We have that power when we accept Yeshua, The Messiah, as our personal Savior!

Satan has no power over us! Stop giving him permission to have control over you! I have! In the name of Yeshua [Jesus], you lose satan! Get out in Jesus’ name! Amen!

How about you all? Are you with me?!?! Comment and let me know!

The Actual Adversary

Ephesians 6_10-13 image

The purpose is clearly described; our adversary is spiritual. Maintaining a clear focus on the real character of our demonic attackers is needed.

A vast amount of a believer’s time is wasted, energy exhausted, and injury gained because we consume ourselves feuding people (flesh and blood) rather than that of the spiritual legions at work in a circumstance.

In the process of trying to fight believers into a loss in their personal lives, the adversary tries to redirect the force of our “spiritual” warfare toward others; in our families, our churches, our work place, and community.

The devil understands completely these two conditions: [1] if we begin attacking other people, they will assuredly accommodate us and fight back, and [2] that if we begin attacking each other, we will never get around to conquering him.

So, whatever (or whoever) you are confronted with today, make up your mind concerning the dispute. Our adversary is the devil. As we make war in prayer and make peace with those around us, the devil stands no chance of being triumphant in our lives.

How can I pray for you today? Contact me now with our request.

Me: I have my days. Some days are harder than others. I’ve fought against people when it was clearly a spiritual battle. We need to be fully aware and just know that when you’re confronted with something, turn to prayer, and read The Word, worship Yahweh. In Jesus’ name, I rebuke the adversary. He falls powerless at the name of Jesus! There’s so much more that can be said here. But, this isn’t the place nor the time to do it. Just pray in Jesus’ name!

Ruth Read By Ben Franklin

Ruth 1-16 image

When Benjamin Franklin acted as a delegate for our country in Paris, he was asked to speak at a meeting of the leading scholastic authorities. A large number of these men were condemning of the Bible and affirmed unbelievers. Not telling them the source, Franklin read them the story of Ruth. When he’d finished they clapped wildly, saying it was the most beautiful love story they had ever heard. Franklin shocked them into silence when he told them it was from the Bible.

Without question, Ruth is one of the world’s most excellent love stories. It includes a young Gentile widow who turned to God in her greatest trial. From this experience, she found a new and moving life. God led her to Boaz, gave her a new home, and later she became the grandmother of David, Israel’s greatest king. Through him, she was an ancestor of our Lord.

Of the many lessons to learn from the beautiful book of Ruth, possibly the greatly comforting is how God can take all the trials of our lives and make something beautiful from them. Instead of wandering into hopelessness when her husband died, Ruth turned to God. Her pain of separation was relieved, and God blessed her with a new family and a strong faith.

Trouble can either make us better or bitter. If we learn to look at our trials as opportunities for God to draw us near to Himself, then they will open many new doors to spiritual adventure. Christ is still Master of the storm and Lord of all our lives.

What opportunities have you experienced that were seen as trials and God drew you near to Himself and blessed you?

Comment and let’s chat.

Spiritual Armor

Ephesians 6_12-13 imageIt’s illogical! No one does it! No one in their right mind would leave home for the day exposed. It not only breaks social custom but you are unprotected from the elements.

Every day, though, Christians leave their homes unprotected from the spiritual elements they will meet. And as surely as we’re exposed without our clothes, we’re just as exposed for spiritual battle without our armor. The armor of God is something we put on and keep on because every day is a day of spiritual battle. The unprotected are persecuted or hurt.

The attacks of satan are ceaseless, crafty, and repeatedly searching for any place in our defenses that is exposed. Whether to cause us to doubt God’s love for us, or compromise our integrity, or confuse us with doctrines of lies and half truths, our only defense is to gear up for battle every day. Supported with truth, wrapped by righteousness, guarded by faith, and transformed by salvation, we are ready to face the day.

Why would you leave yourself exposed to Satan?


The key thought in the book of Joshua is that as long as Israel served God, they prospered.

There it is again. Obedience to God. Serving Him is obeying Him.

When we remove our agenda and surrender to Him lovingly, we’ll be prosperous. There’s more to obedience than meets the eye. As the title says, servitude, it’s about your attitude while serving Him.

Truly serving Him is about removing our wants and replacing them with His wants.

It’s all in His word. Go read it and find out for yourselves.

(Note: This is not a message in favor of the prosperity gospel.)

What’s your attitude about serving God? Comment, let’s chat!