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A Promise; Dwelling In Thanksfulness

1 Chronicles 16_27 image

Today starts a 21-day adventure of deep heart work. Click the link below to read and follow. This adventure will be on my personal blog and linked here every day. Because to be honest, I’ll be sharing my personal heart experiences in hopes to encourage you and to help you grow spiritually. Click through and read and respond. Keep a journal as you go along.

A Promise; Dwelling In Thankfulness

Gain On Earth Is Useless

We get all worked up about having “stuff” here on Earth. In reality, we’re more than sufficient without the “stuff”.

Human nature is to tie our identity up into stuff, how we dress, our jobs, and many other things.

When something happens to that “stuff” our world comes crashing down.

Yahweh has a different way of living life. See the scripture image to read what it is.

Yahweh is our sufficiency, not stuff.

In the end, stuff is useless and is not sufficient. Only Yahweh is our sufficiency.

Happy are they that mourn for the inadequacy of self, for they shall be comforted with the sufficiency of God.
-Billy Graham

Are you comforted with the sufficiency of Yahweh? Or, do you depend on yourself and find all you’ve done to be inadequate and like chasing the wind? Comment how you’re comforted by Yahweh’s sufficiency. What does this look like for you?