The Mutual Love

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Believers are lovely, as robed in the Holiness of Christ; and sweet-smelling, as decorated with the mercy of His Spirit; and they thrive under the delightful rays of the sun of uprightness. The lily is a truly impressive plant in the East; it grows to a significant stature but has a small stalk. The church is weak in herself, yet is secure in Him that sustains her. The evil, the unbelievers of this world, who have no love for Christ, are troublesome, worthless and hopeless, toxic and harmful. Shameful, it’s trouble in the body; but the lily now among thorns, will be grafted into a delightful place where there is no prickly bush.

The world is a desolate place to the soul but, Christ is fruitful. And when bad souls are dry with criticism of wrongdoing, with the fears of the law, or the difficulties of this world, exhausted and burdened, they may find rest in Christ. Wanting to reach the shade, yet we need to rest under it. Believers have known that Christ is loving; his fruits are all the promises of the covenant, bought by His blood, and given by His Spirit; promises are great to the believer, and doctrine also. Mercies are great, and peace of mind great. With a clean tongue, Divine compassion will be great to us. Christ brings the soul to explore and to discover joy through his instruction, that’s essentially a feasting-home (church) where His servants feast with Him. The love of Christ, displayed by His death, and by His living word, is the banner he shows, and believers accept it. How much greater is it to a person when weak from their love to Christ than to be filled with the love of this world! Praise Yahweh!! And despite Christ appearing to have departed, although he is still a real immediate relief.

All His saints are in His hands. He so lovingly sustains their grieved minds. Finding Christ as near to her, the soul is in excellent care that her fellowship with Him isn’t disrupted. We easily pain the Spirit by sinful attitudes. Let the ones who have relief, fear killing it off.

We need to stay focused on Yahweh, being in His living word, having communion with Him uninterrupted by the world. Show Him your love! He loves you! Give it in return.

What is your experience with Christ and His love for you? Comment, let’s interact.

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