​Spiritual Authority

Man’s enchantment with the otherworldly is well documented everywhere in all of history. Here Jesus talks to His own disciples’ distraction with their victory over demonic powers. Not releasing its importance nor lessening their joy, Jesus is helping them recognize genuine priorities for the people of faith. 

  1. It must be no shock that evil spirits were cast out by the disciples. Jesus gave them His power [Greek: exousia explained]. This power is essential for existing as spiritual people in a demon-filled world. However, it is not for impressing or to “confirm” their power.
  2. The single-most valued truth and proof of divine power are Yahweh’s love, forgiveness, and eternity in trade for our weakness, sin, and humanity. There is no higher power than that that saves a sinner from hell. There is no judgment to be made. Casting out demons is fulfilled in Jesus’ authority; but, the deliverance of a sinner needed the sacrifice of His life.

He is our Salvation! He is The Power, only power, Omnipotent One! He is our strength!

We have that power when we accept Yeshua, The Messiah, as our personal Savior!

Satan has no power over us! Stop giving him permission to have control over you! I have! In the name of Yeshua [Jesus], you lose satan! Get out in Jesus’ name! Amen!

How about you all? Are you with me?!?! Comment and let me know!

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