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A Virtuous Woman; Who Can Find Her?

  • What are the details in these verses?
    • Think about the who/what/where/when/why/how.
      • This scripture is talking about a virtuous and capable wife; not just any woman.
      • A virtuous wife is more precious than rubies.
      • She’s an early riser to prepare breakfast for her household and plan the day’s work for her servant girls.
      • She’s a very fit and capable wife. She is careful and isn’t lazy about getting things done.
      • She extends a helping hand to the needy.
      • She speaks wisely with kindness.
      • She is clothed with strength and dignity. She’s not afraid to laugh for fear of the future.
    • What is the strong theme?
      • A virtuous and capable wife.
    • What stands out?
      • A wife is to be virtuous and capable, not fearing, as well as strong and not lazy, and willing to extend a helping hand to the needy. She needs to speak wisely and with kindness.
      • Nothing holds her back.
    • We need to think about what it means to be virtuous. What does virtuous mean?
      • Honorable with excellent morals, good ethics, and integrity. An honest and humble life.
        • ~ A righteous life. Which means living right! Not right according to human thinking, but right in the eyes of GOD and HIS word. HIS word is a light to our path and a guide to lead us on the right path (we discussed this in a previous devotion.)
    • We also need to think about what it means to be more precious than rubies.
      • A precious ruby is highly valued across the world.
      • Through the ages, the ruby has represented nobility, purity, and passion. Read more here…
      • In reality, translating that into a human perspective…
        • ~ A Virtuous Wife is above these ideals of the ruby. She is more noble, pure, and passionate in her duty as a wife and mother. We can break this down more and more and on and on. However, I believe we get the idea. Study this more in your Bible study time. God’s word is full of nuggets and wisdom related to living a Godly life. 

  • “What is God’s word saying to me right now?”
    •  I have a lot of spiritual work to do related to being a virtuous wife/mother/grandmother.
    • I need to get my vertical alignment right. See more about this below.
  • How can I apply this to my own life?
    • I need to rid myself of the world’s way of life and focus on God’s way of life.
    • Put into action, a plan to convert to God’s way. Which means:
      • Get into and stay in God’s living word and study it closely! Even more, than I do now.
      • Make sure to clean up my act and get to bed early and rise early.
      • Cut out all the noise and distractions of the world not related to living a Godly life as a wife/mother/grandmother.
      • The list could go on forever… list the things that relate to you specifically in your own Bible study notes/journaling.
  • What changes do I need to make?
    • See the applying this to my own life section.
      1. The major thing to focus on is vertical alignment
        1. ~ Reading God’s word daily – more than before.
        2. ~ Praying
          ~ Attending Corporate Church services to interact with other like-minded folks.
        3. ~ Sharing the Gospel with the lost and unbelieving people.
        4. ~ Extending a helping hand to the needy.
          1. * If you’re needy, don’t be ashamed to ask for help. It blesses God to see someone helping others who truly need it.
        5. ~ If you can think of other things that I missed, comment and share so we could all benefit.
  • What action do I need to take?
    • See everything just above. If you think of anything I didn’t, comment and share it so we can all benefit and learn.

Prayer: Dear Father God, thank You for who You are and what You do in our lives. I lift up all of the world to You. Everyone has something going on in their lives; whether it be illness, injury, some sort of loss, tragedies, everything bad and negative affecting lives. I pray that whatever Your will is in the lives of Your people, it will be a blessing to each one of us. Thank You for the Good News of the Gospel and for having Jesus as our Savior. I pray we live up to it. In Jesus’ name, amen.