Accomplish Their Purpose

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Accomplish their purpose! Most people miss this in this scripture. Many have it in their heads that the law of the old testament is irrelevant to today. Well, not according to Jesus! Go read it for yourselves. Be open and really listen to God’s word without your preconceived notions or, what another man has “told” you. It’s about what God says, not man! What does God’s word speak to you? It speaks volumes of truth to my soul. Sure, I use some commentary by man to see what they say. Sometimes, though, God Himself, through the Holy Spirit uses the scriptures to speak into my life, a little different than what commentaries say. I never argue with God. I do however, seek clarification and question Him and receive a resounding answer. Not immediately, sometimes. The answer may come a long while later but, it does arrive. When it does, I could be knocked over with a feather. So very profound and mind-blowing.

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