Eve – Wife and Mother

Eve Was the First Woman to Be Called a Wife and Mother

Eve Was the First Woman to Live Upon the Earth

The results of a divine creation, Eve emerged as a complete, perfect woman. She was never a baby, a girl, or a daughter. The first female born into the world was Eve’s first daughter (After Seth was born, Adam lived 800 years and had other sons and daughters. Genesis 5:4). How many daughters were born to Adam and Eve we aren’t told. If Eve lived as long as her husband—930 years (So Adam lived a total of 930 years, and then he died. Genesis 5:5) – there would probably be many sons and daughters in earth’s first family. Eve, therefore, wasn’t born. She was created out of Adam. Having existed in God’s plan, she came upon the earth. Pioneers, evolutionists, and worldly authors may ridicule that “rib of Adam” out of what Eve was made. Adam was literally created by God out of the dust of the earth, but Eve was formed out of a bone taken from Adam’s side.

George Herbert comments, “The man was dust refined, but the woman was dust double refined.” There is a spiritual application of the bride God made for Adam. It speaks of the sacred mystery, the bride of the Lamb, who owes her life to His bruised side (John 19:33-37), and who, even more than Eve, has a place close to the Bridegroom’s heart (Jeremiah 31:3), and who is intended to enjoy His companionship in a sinless paradise (Revelation 2:7; 21:9). The marriage of the Lamb, like that of Eve’s, is made in heaven.

Formed out of the man (Adam), she became Adam’s mate and partner, his wife.

God saw that even though Adam was in a state of perfect purity, it wasn’t good for him to be alone. It would be good for him, spiritually, mentally, and culturally to have a wife. He needed someone to love and bear his children since the command had gone out “to multiply and replenish the earth.” Therefore with Adam – the world was sad, the garden was off, and man the solitaire lamented till woman greeted him. God spoke of the woman He was to present for Adam as his “helpmeet” – a helpmeet or reconciled to him – a phrase giving the woman her true standing in the world. It is only where the Bible exists and Christianity is practiced that she succeeds to such a place as the helper, or equal of man.

In lands where darkness dominates, a woman is a slave, the goods of man. Therefore Eve was given to Adam and their two hearts beat as one in love for each other and for God. Eve was formed while Adam slept. He knew no pain during the operation as still there was no sin in the world. How true it is that God is continually working while men sleep! He frequently awards true blessings to His own as they sleep.

It is vain for you to rise up early, To sit up late, To eat the bread of sorrows; For so He gives His beloved sleep. Psalm 127:2

When I wake from sleep, despair has fled, and hope is near; The sky seems blue, and visions clear have banished all my dread and fear; quoted from: All the Men of the Bible/All the Women of the Bible Compilation Book By Herbert Lockyer

So a man will leave his father and mother and be united with his wife, and the two will become one body. Genesis 2:24

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Eve Was the First Mother

What a path of grief and wretchedness followed her sin! When Cain, her firstborn, came into her life and home how Eve must have loved him. She named him Cain, meaning “to get” or “to possess” or, “acquisition.” He became a tiller of the ground. Her second son was Abel, a name implying, “that which ascends” or “a vapor” – something doomed to fade. The following was a spiritual man and sacrificed the firsts of his flocks to the Lord. The previous son brought of the fruit of the ground, that is, that whatever he had produced, and gave it to the Lord who rejected it and received Abel’s offering because of its sacrificial satisfaction. Cain lost his temper over this act of divine reception and denial and murdered his brother Abel. Consequently Eve’s favorite firstborn was marked with shame, and spiritual Abel became a saint. Behind Cain’s murder of his brother was the serpent who had caused their mother the world’s first sinner. Jesus said that he was a murderer from the beginning (You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning and has nothing to do with the truth because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies. John 8:44).

After the crime and exile of her first son, and the funeral of her second one, God gave her another that she called Seth. “For God,” she said, “has appointed me another seed instead of Abel, for Cain murdered him.” In naming her third son so she voiced her faith in God’s love, mercy, and provision. It was through Seth that the spiritual genealogy was kept and it was after his birth that Eve’s name disappears from the pages of the Old Testament, even though it is mentioned twice in the New Testament. While Eve unquestionably shared the length of Adam’s life – 930 years – and brought forth an unspecified number of sons and daughters, there is no record of her motherhood apart from the three named sons.

I love the parallel comparison scripture has of Adam and Eve as the first bride and groom and the Bridegroom of Christ being Himself and the Bride being His church.

I also am in amazement and awe at how the whole world came from Adam and Eve.

Looking at Eve, however, the text talks about her standing in the world, in culture. The wife at Adam’s side, his equal.

We, as women, were not created to be the head of the home. We were created to be a “helpmeet” for our husbands. Is it any wonder there is such chaos in the world?

There is much debate in the world about women and being equal with man. We are equal. But not as the world defines equal. We’re equal to being one with our husbands.

Just like with our body parts. Each one has its function. If all the body was one part how would it function? Looking at the standpoint of a machine. If the whole machine was one part, how would it function? All the parts cannot do the same thing, or it wouldn’t operate.

As one, we have different functions. We work together, as a team, to accomplish what we need to get done, spiritually and physically.

Where are you in this functioning? How’s your team doing? Let’s interact. Comment. No hate speech! Period. If any negative hate speech and lambasting happens the comments will be deleted and commenting will be disabled. There’s no place here for hate. Think very hard at what you are about to comment before commenting.

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