Goodness and Light

2 Corinthians 6_14-18 image

Light brightens the dark. Good can overcame bad. However, they are polar opposites to each other. They can not be combined into one.

As the famous proverb goes:

“Oil and water don’t mix!”

I can attest to this. A precious relationship I had fits this description. The other person was toxic and bad influencing me. I severed that relationship.

Sometimes we need to sever relationships and get out of the toxic bad environment to heal and be a better temple of Yahweh. As well as His children. Yahweh says so.

If He says it’s so, then it is! No argument from me.

What do you say to this? Where do you find yourself right now? What is the Holy Spirit speaking to your soul right now?

Comment, find me online and private message me, let’s chat. Let me pray with you.

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