Healing River

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These waters represent the gospel of Christ, that went forward from Jerusalem, and dispersed into the countries around; also the gifts and powers of the Holy Spirit that came along with it, by the moral excellence that is spread far, and imparted joyous effects. Christ is the Temple, and He is the Door; from Him, the living waters flow, out of His punctured side. They are expanding waters. Watch the growth of the gospel in the world, and the transformation of the work of grace in the heart; tend to the movements of the blessed Spirit under Divine direction.

If we search into the things of Yahweh, we find some things plain and easy to be realized. It is wisdom, to begin with, one that is very easy ere we continue to such that is vague and hard to be understood. The promises of the holy word, and the rights of believers, as scattered in foreign lands in their souls by the arousing Spirit, overflow where the gospel is preached; they feed and gladden the souls of men; they never dim or shrink, nor are consumed. Even the leaves of the plants work as remedies to the soul: the warnings and admonitions of the word, though less comfortable than Divine compassions, lead to healing the diseases of the soul. All who believe in Christ, and are united to him by his sanctifying Spirit, will share the privileges of Israelites. There is room in the church, and in heaven, for all who seek the blessings of that new covenant of which Christ is Mediator.

All who believe in Christ, and are joined to Him by His Holy Spirit, will share the rights of Israelites. There is room in the church, and in heaven, for all who search for the blessings of that new covenant relating to that, Christ is Mediator.

Note: If we want to be healed we need to search for and follow after Christ. We must allow the Holy Spirit to flow through us, like the healing waters. Such amazingness comes from it. Don’t you want to experience His awesomeness?

Listen to this music video, let The Holy Spirit flow through you and wash over you, renewing and transforming you.

Let’s walk together. Do you need healing? How can I pray for you? Contact me here for prayer.

Comment your experience with healing waters of the river with the Holy Spirit. Let’s interact.

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