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HIS Power Is Displayed In The Whirlwind Of The Storm

Nahum 1 scripture image

  • What is happening in these verses?
    • The theme of Nahum is that he predicts the Lord’s judgment on Nineveh for her oppression, cruelty, idolatry, and wickedness. Nineveh knows not God!
    • God is jealous, vengeful, furious, and wrathful toward His enemies. He is a God of inflexible justice, a jealous God. Although He is ‘slow to anger and great in power’. He will punish the wicked. Just like nature can’t resist His power, man can’t resist His judgment. Deliverance will come to His trusting people, to whom He is a fortress, the darkness of death and destruction will be poured out on His enemies. As Assyria faces judgment, God is working out His redemptive purpose for Judah. Peace will come to His people. In safety from invasion, they will perform their vows and keep God’s appointed feasts.
    • God shows His power through His justice and mercy.
  • What is God’s word saying?
    • I better make darn sure my vertical alignment is aligned. With an inflexible justice being served up by God, He does not tolerate wickedness. I’m assured by God’s gift of salvation through His son, Jesus. I’m promised eternity in Heaven for believing on the name of Jesus through faith in Him being my savior.
    • I need to be diligent in sharing the Good News of the Gospel to lost souls, planting those seeds. God will harvest the seeds when the time is right. There’s nothing I, nor anyone, can do to stop God’s power. I need to be an example of Christ in this wicked sinful world. We see all these atrocities going on in the world. Showing love even to my enemies. God will prevail.

Prayer: Dear Father God, thank You for everything. I pray that we’re ready. Use me for Your good and purpose. I pray for all Your children to be ready. I praise You, in Jesus’ name, amen.