Job Comforted || Part 3

Job 42:11 imageJob had victory!

His family and friends came to eat with him and comfort him.

Having a community is vital in healing and recovery.

We need like-minded people to surround us. We need to be lifted up in support of our healing. We need the community to pray for our recovery and healing.

In that, we, in turn, find victory, healing, and recovery also.

Are you seeking forgiveness, recovery, healing, and victory?

Follow the list of tips in part 2. Find a tribe/community to lift you up. Comment here and let us know how Yahweh is working in your life in this area.

Me? Yes, I am also in this pickle. We all need a tribe. That’s one of the major purposes of this ministry. The LORD has put this upon my heart. Please pray that I obey His calling and follow Him in this.

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