Today’s Word is quoted from the Celebrate Daily Devotion. I felt its message was too strong not to share it.

The word “propitiation” is a difficult term, meaning “to appease wrath.” Man in his sin cannot approach a God of justice who must judge sin. God’s justice can be appeased only by the punishment of sin. But God in His love desires fellowship with man whom He created in His image. 

Fellowship with a holy God could only be realized through atoning for the sins that separated mankind from God and His covenant promises. So God presented Jesus as the sacrifice for atonement or reconciliation with separated mankind. It is the shed blood of Christ that ultimately satisfied the requirements of God’s justice. God’s judgment was fully put upon Christ, the blameless sacrifice, for all sin both past and present. And it is only through faith in the blood of Christ that mankind is justified in God’s eyes. The blood of Christ then becomes the bond that joins people to God, entitling them to God’s covenant provisions and providing right relationship with Him. 

The blood of Christ guarantees our standing as children of the holy God!

Comment and share how Jesus saved you.

Praise and worship Yahweh and let the Holy Spirit wash through and fill you to overflowing.

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