Live to Please God


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Live to please God, not man! If you question God’s will for your life… Here you go! Please God, not man! Yeah, I know, living in this world is tough. Our attitude makes a major impact on how tough life can be. Take it in stride. Keep moving. Don’t take everything personal. You’re giving yourself too much credit. Everyone is fighting a battle. It’s not about us. Don’t let the devil get into your head with his lies. He wants, more than anything, to keep you distracted with lies so you’ll be living in chaos. That’s his world, not ours. 🗣️In Jesus’ name, devil, get out, you do not belong here! Jesus wins! ✝️💯 Amen! I challenge you to post a praise to Jesus and kick the devil out! Share with me so I can go and praise with you!

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