No More Shame; Good News


10 of 25 Advent Scripture

Angel Gabriel is a prominent name in the realms of the angels. He’s the main attending to and messenger of God.

Gabriel puts his name to this prophecy, did it as it were to sign it with his own hand, —take my word for it. Angels have sometimes declined to give their names but, this angel promptly said, “I am Gabriel”, which symbolizes the power of God, or the mighty one of God, affirming that the God who solicited him to say ‘this was able to make it good’. He also makes himself known by this name to place him in mind of the news of the Messiah’s coming sent to Daniel by the man Gabriel, Daniel 8:16; 9:21. “I am the same that was sent then, and am sent now in pursuit of the same purpose.” He is Gabriel, who stands in the presence of God, an immediate attendant on the throne of God.

Can you imagine being confronted by “the” angel of God, Gabriel? Most people fell down on their faces, prostrate as if to worship the angel. People thought the angels were God. Many times in scripture the angels would comfort the person they were reaching out to and tell them not to be afraid. People feared the angels. Gabriel is God’s immediate attendant who had and used powers to get his message across. Reading the full context of the scripture of Luke 1 you learn that Gabriel visited Zechariah to tell him of the birth of John. Zechariah didn’t believe Gabriel. Gabriel muted Zechariah until John’s birth just to prove to him that Gabriel was who he said he was and that the good news of John’s birth was real and true.

Human nature tends to be pessimistic, unbelieving, and untrusting. Some have to learn the hard way to trust God.

Gabriel was sent with the express purpose to deliver the message of the good news of the Messiah coming.

Elizabeth was very happy that she wouldn’t be ashamed any longer because she was childless. Her exclamation about the Lord being kind is awesome faith in God.

Have you been pessimistic, unbelieving, and untrusting? I have. Name one situation you were untrusting of God; and why? How did it turn out? Me?

Well, let me see here… my whole life is filled with untrust toward situations. The worst part for me is when I was betrayed in a life situation. It’s hard to learn to trust after that. However, when we lay it at the foot of God’s throne and not take it back God takes care of it. I had to relearn to trust. But, that requires having faith in God too. Without faith in God, our lives are lost.


Yahweh, I lift up the readers here on this blog. I ask that You guide them to trust You in all things. I thank You for the coming Messiah. I pray for blessings to be showered on the readers here. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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