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Happy Days!

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What I observe here is that Paul is writing to give us instructions on what scripture says for me to live a certain way to enjoy life. Don’t be afraid. I must respect/revere Jesus Christ and be ready to give folks an answer when they want me to explain about the hope I have in Jesus Christ… and I must be gentle and respectful about it. I must keep a clear conscience so that whatever evils are spoken of my good life in Christ, those people will be ashamed. It’s better to do good than evil; if it’s what GOD wants of me.  Jesus suffered for my sins; even though He was not guilty but he suffered for my guilt to bring me to GOD. His body was killed, but He was made alive in Spirit. The Good News of the Gospel is expressed here. Happy Days!

This scripture is a tall order. It can be overwhelming. The thing I need to keep in mind is that I don’t need to be afraid and not let evil take over. I need to stay focused on Jesus Christ and not let my human nature and satan take over. Seek GOD always. Jesus’ gift of salvation is the ultimate gift of love to reconcile me back to my Creator, YAH. Keep on doing good, no matter what! GOD will back me up. Happy Days!

Prayer: Dear Father GOD, thank YOU for the gift of salvation. Thank YOU for using me for YOUR good. I pray for lost souls to be saved and reconciled to YOU. I pray for a lost and dying world to seek YOU in all ways and things. I lift the world up to YOU. There is such tragedy and horrific things going on around the world. I pray for and look forward to the Happy Days with YOU in heaven, LORD. I pray that whatever Your plan and purpose is, people will still seek YOU and give YOU the honor and glory in it all. In Jesus’ name, amen.