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The Good News: Be Ready; Encourage Them!

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  • What are the details in these verses?
    • 1st, My research finds this: facing death at any moment, Paul encourages Timothy to persevere in the ministry and faithfully guard the gospel. In a very real way, this letter represents Paul’s last will and testament. Paul used his last letter to deliver exhortations to his son in the faith, which in summary tells Timothy to endure and remain loyal to Jesus just as he had told him all along.
    • 2nd, there’s a lot going on in this scripture. I’m keeping it as simple as possible and still relaying the message.
    • Next, Paul is telling Timothy to take care of God’s word and be ready to preach the Good News at any time. Also, to teach right from wrong. He is to encourage and be patient in his careful teaching. Persevere through troubles and complete all the duties of a servant of God.
    • Finally, God has the only and final say in judging us.
The work of a minister is not an indifferent thing, but absolutely necessary. Woe be to him if he preach not the gospel. Matthew Henry
  • What is God’s word telling me?
    • I’m encouraged by knowing God is in charge and has the final say. Nothing man can say or do to thwart God will happen, nor will it hinder God. God thwarts them instead. I will endure and persevere for the sake of the Gospel. I’m ready for the times when God puts people in my path to share the Good News of Jesus. What about you? Will you be ready and encouraged and join me in doing so?

Prayer: Dear Father God, thank You for who You are and what You do and continue to do for our freedom in Jesus. I pray that Your children will be effective through the Holy Spirit in sharing the Good News of the Gospel to a lost and dying world. I lift up the sick [physically, mentally, and spiritually]. I pray that whatever happens You will get the glory, be honored, loved, and adored by Your children. Use us, Lord God. I pray we are examples of Jesus exuding the fruits of the Spirit. In Jesus’ name, amen.