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A Birth Party


Read some history of Elizabeth here & here. <~ Click to read.

A celebration. Elizabeth’s baby was born. The whole region heard of it. They all came to celebrate with Elizabeth and Zechariah. They were very happy for Zechariah and Elizabeth. God had shown mercy to her. She was in her old age by now. She was barren.

As is the custom in most families to name a baby after a family member. If you recall, Zechariah and Elizabeth were told by the angel, Gabriel, to name the newborn John. The people were shocked when Elizabeth said, “No” when they suggested that she name the baby after relatives. They turned to Zechariah. Because God had muted him until the baby’s birth, Zechariah couldn’t speak so, he asked for a writing tablet. He also said the baby’s name is to be John. Instantly, Zechariah spoke again. Only God can do that.

Everyone around wondered what John will turn out to be. We know the hand of the Lord was on him. We read in previous scripture that the Holy Spirit came into him while he was in Elizabeth’s womb. That’s mindblowing to me.

He is the forerunner of Jesus to prepare the way for Jesus’ ministry.

How amazing and awesome this is. I love how God’s word shows me something new each time I read His word. It’s humbling. It shows how powerful God is and that He uses every situation for His plan. He can use any one of us for a great purpose.

What does this scripture speak to you?


Dear Yahweh, Adonai, praise YOU for this wonderful story and lesson of how You work in our lives. I pray that it blesses the readers of this blog. I pray that the lost will be lead to You. Thank You, In Jesus’ name, amen.