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Which Side Are You On?

Luke 23-39-43

As children, when we attended school, we played schoolyard games and team captains would pick from the group of children to create their teams. The chatter among the children mentions who’s side they want to be on, as well as, who they don’t want on their team and who’s the best one’s to choose.

It’s the same way with adults. Nobody wants to be part of a “bad” team, do they? We all want to be on the best team, with the best captain.

It’s no different when it came to Calvary. The thieves hung on either side of Jesus. We know perfectly which team the one thief was on. One shouted insults at Jesus. “Save yourself and us.” Then the other criminal was sticking up for Jesus and stopping the mean one telling the mean one “You should fear God!” He knew who the best team captain was. He said to Jesus, “remember me when you come into your kingdom.” Jesus chose him on that day. He said to the thief, “I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise.” Jesus chose the His team player. He prayed that thief right into paradise on the spot. The other thief was left to this world. Not a favorable place.

Which side do you choose? This is your choice. Jesus has already chosen you. It’s up to you to accept the invitation. What a great Christmas gift, ay?

One way to show who’s side you’re on:

While others panic, we pray. We should unashamedly pray, aloud, in public at appropriate times, like over meals in restaurants, etc. This is a simple act that lets the world know which side we are on.

Comment and let me know. I accept Jesus’ invitation to be on His side.