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The Spirit and The Cross

1 Corinthians 2_4-5 image

Paul writes to the Corinthians about the power of the Cross through the Holy Spirit. In the text, Paul mentions that he wanted to come to the people as a weak and fearful human without the power of the Holy Spirit to show how powerful the message of the Cross is and what it symbolizes. He wanted the people to know that his teaching and preaching were not of human strength and wisdom but, from the Holy Spirit and the power of Yahweh.

The cross of Jesus Christ is the power of Yahweh. It is a subject of mockery for those who are dying in their sins, but it is the only power to save for those who believe. All of life’s last issues are completed at the cross: human pride vs. Yahweh’s provision, man’s sin vs. Yahweh’s love, our enemy the devil vs. Yahweh’s perfect Son. Here at the cross, Jesus cried, “It is finished.”

Let’s allow the power of this completed work happen in us today. If you haven’t yet! It’s transforming power is amazing and wonderful.

Where do you stand today? Share and comment your experience.

Me: I stand at the foot of the Cross and I seek to bow before Him at His feet while He sits on the Throne! I come before Him in the Throneroom bowing before Him! There was a time I rebelled. I got a dose of reality and came to my senses when I realized how wretched I am with Him. Do you? If not, why?

Don’t Love The World

Luke_14_26-33Jesus Christ has left principles and guidelines to govern every Christian home; and if we really love Him, we will keep His commandments.

We literally are required to love Yahweh more than anything else. Anything else is rejecting Yahweh.

When you reject Yahweh life will be miserable beyond expression. If you say you love Yahweh, but your life says different, then it’s a lie.

Yahweh must come first! Do you give of your firsts to Yahweh? If not, why? This world is temporary! It will go away at some point. What will you say to Yahweh when you meet Him at Judgment? How will you answer Him when He asks you what you’ve done with Jesus in your life?

I personally struggle with worldly vs heavenly. Satan, the enemy, is constantly yipping (condemning me) at my heals like an annoying dog barking for attention, telling me lies to coerce me to his way. It’s compelling. He makes it looks so pretty and attractive that it is hard to resist. The worst part? The complacency virus. It has infected all of human life.

The only way to beat complacency is to get busy with the work of Yahweh and building your relationship with Him.

How? You ask?

First, stop believing satan’s lies. Second, get in The Word of Yahweh and read, pray, and live for Yahweh. Last, but not least, get into fellowship with Christ’s body. Surround yourself with Godly people who can feed you and help nurture you in Yahweh.

Comment and let me know that you will, with Yahweh by your side, fight the enemy, because the victory is ours. The battle’s already won!