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Crown of Life

  • What do I see going on in these verses?
    • I observe that James, 1/2 brother to Jesus, authored this book. James is addressing the believers letting them know that they should consider it an opportunity for great joy when any kind of trouble comes their way. It’s because our faith is being tested and we have a chance to grow in faith during troubles. When we need wisdom, ask God generously and He will give it to us. It’s ok to ask God questions. We only need to be sure that our faith is in God alone.
    • Those who endure troubles growing in their faith will receive the crown of life as God promised to those who love Him. Rich and poor are honored and humbled. God blesses those with patience to endure their testing of faith. He gave us His true word; Jesus, the living and alive Word.
    • We are His prized possession out of all creation.
  • What is God’s word saying to me?
    • I believe I simply need to have faith in and trust God in times of trouble. I choose joy over sadness so that my faith will grow stronger. It’s ok for me to ask questions of God as long as He alone is my Master. I’m His prized possession out of all creation and He promises me the crown of life because of my faith and my love for Him.
    • In order for this all to happen, I must not have any other gods. YAH alone is my God and I must endure the test of faith I go through trusting the He will bring me through it and that my faith grows.
    • This means that I need to remove ALL distractions and obstacles. I must focus only on God; be in His word and pray.
      “Just Do It!”

Prayer: Thank You, Father God, for Your promises and fulfilling them in the lives of the believers as well as mine. I lift up the whole world to You. I trust Your plan and purpose, even if I don’t understand or know what’s going on. I bow down before You in humble adoration of You. I praise and worship only You. I pray this for Your chosen. Your children. The names in the Lamb’s book of life. In Jesus’ name, amen.