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Casting Out Fear

scripture imageWe have a lot of fear. The fear I’m referring to is dread, dire, and fright. This type of fear is unhealthy and is imperfect. The other kind of fear is healthy. It’s a motivation, like Noah the Ark builder.

As always, the answer to this problem is in Yahweh’s Word. John said the antidote for fear is perfect love. As we learn to love Jesus more and make real that love in our relationships with people, fear is pushed from our lives: but perfect love casts out fear. Even some believers have not yet learned to live without fear. John patiently told them: But he who fears has not been made perfect in love. As we continue to show ourselves to the Lord, love begins to force out tormenting and deadly fears.

Turn your fear over to Yahweh and let His love be made perfect and cast out fear. Tell us how Yahweh’s love has been made perfect in you.

For me, I have experienced abuse in my past. I held onto unforgiveness and hate. It was killing me. I gave it all to Yahweh and I’m alive and loving Yahweh and sharing His Good News. Your turn!