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He Saves

Matthew-1_21.pngYahweh made sure that they knew to name Him a certain name. As we sing, there’s power in the name of Jesus [Yeshua].

Listen to this song by Jesus Culture (One of my favorite Christian bands)

It was important because Yeshua would bring freedom to a captive world. As the song says, to break every chain.

When we speak the name of Yeshua it causes satan to fall to his knees and then to fear and flee. The awe and amazingness of Yeshua is so mindblowing and out of this world that it causes us to fear in admiration and reverence to Yahweh.

It should cause all of life to stop and take notice of HIM. No question, no doubt. It should just happen!

Are you stopping and taking notice of Yeshua and accepting His amazing gift of freedom from bondage? Me: Yes, a long time ago. It’s good to be reminded from time to time of where I stand.

Comment your experience with Yeshua, the Savior of all.