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Fruitfully Clothed

Colossians 3_12 image

We all remember the schoolyard games when we were primary school age. There were two teams. There were two captains. The captains drew straws to see who chose a team member first. We all stood there waiting to be chosen. Nobody likes to be last. There is always one or two people that are clumsy and awkward. They aren’t good with sports. They just want to be part of something. They get chosen at the very last because, well, they’re the only choice left. It happens to all of us at some point. Sometime’s even as adults.

In an Eternal sense, Yahweh has chosen you because he knows you are a good fit for His team (so to speak). There are no bad, awkward and clumsy in His eyes. He loves each of us very much and we each have a duty to fulfill in His purpose.

On Yahweh’s {team}, you need to be dressed in mercy, kindness, gentleness, and patience. Some of the fruits of the Spirit. When you have these, the rest falls into place. Yahweh’s peace, mercy, kindness, gentleness, and patience is the rules. When we follow them we show and do good to those around us. This makes life more pleasant around us. And it’s Yahweh working through us. He’s our ultimate team captain.

What does that look like for you? Comment and bless others as you bless yourselves.

{Note: Monday, 3/6/17, I’ll begin the Bible study with Suzie Eller’s 21-day adventure: Living a life of thank you. Let me know in the comments if you’ll be joining me. I’ll post my adventure over on my personal blog, A Wife’s Reflections, and I’ll be linking it here, on TDM’s blog. I’d love for you to join me.}

Why Should I Live Out The Fruit Of The Spirit?

Gal 5:22-25 imageWhat’s the alternative?

Hate, evil, chaos. You name it. Everything that’s opposite to the fruit of the Spirit.

We who belong to the Messiah have nailed our sins to the cross. We have given up our old selves. We are a new life in the Spirit. Because so, we should follow the Spirit.

Have we though? Look around. What’s life like? We get stuck in sinful behaviors, attitudes, and lifestyles.

I have found myself with sinful attitudes. I’m kidding myself if I say I do not sin. We live in a fallen world. Daily, I must seek Yahweh and go to His Word to cleanse my mind.

There’s no way we can live a Godly life without Him.

God wants you to experience deep joy — not to remove you from the world around you, but to give you the strength to live and to love others in the midst of it. Come to him and take him up on his offer.  Taken from NIV The Great Rescue Bible

I find that a daily recipe for Godly living is this:

  1. Read His word.
    1. It’s so easy today.
      1. There’s digital bibles that have daily reading options.
  2. Pray to Him.
    1. It’s how you build your relationship with Him.
      1. You talk to Him like a friend sitting across the table. He loves spending time with you.
  3. Find a place to fellowship with others in Yahweh.
    1. We need it to help us be accountable to Yahweh and ourselves.
    2. Yahweh’s word tells us in:

      Matthew 18:19-20 “Also, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about something and pray for it, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. This is true because if two or three people come together in my name, I am there with them.”

  4. Worship Him!
    1. You can do this in fellowship and alone.
      1. Corporate worship – without it, one tends to drift spiritually.
      2. Personal worship – it’s when I’m on my own that helps me to worship Yahweh and turn my heart and mind towards Him.
        1. It consists of reading His word, prayer, and listening to worship/praise music. [I personally like instrumental worship. It could be full on southern gospel for you. Each person likes different types of music. My husband likes LeCrae.]

Once you get a habit in place it just happens. However, satan will try his best to distract you with everything ungodly. Ignore him!

Comment and share your experience with Yahweh! Do you need prayer. Contact us now. Our prayer warriors are waiting to pray for you.


Fruit of the Spirit


Day 2

Living by the Holy Spirit’s leading produces Godly Fruit. Without love we have none of them. Just like I mentioned yesterday, love is a selfless choice of action.

When we choose to love selflessly, we’re showing Godly love.

List of message series:

Day 1 – Love According to God Day 11 – Love One Another  DAY 21 – WE ARE COMMANDED TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER
Day 2 – Fruit of the Spirit  Day 12 – Love Everyone  Day 22 – Burning Love – Love in Marriage
Day 3 – God’s Love  Day 13 – Love Each Other  Day 23 – Gentle Love
Day 4 – Agape Love  Day 14 – Happy Valentine’s Day  Day 24 – One Mind  and Purpose
Day 5 – Who’s Your Master?  Day 15 – Free to Love  Day 25 – Love is a Verb
Day 6 – Life Eternal  Day 16 – Patience Love  Day 26 – Steadfast Love
Day 7 – His Great Love  Day 17 – Born of God  Day 27 – Love Forgives
Day 8 – More Than Conquerors  Day 18 – Born to Love  Day 28 – Love in Marriage
Day 9 – God, Who Gave Himself For Me  Day 19 – Love Your Enemy & Your Neighbor
Day 10 – Adopted  Day 20 – Love Your Neighbor as Yourself