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Be A Blessing

Human nature is to hold a grudge and get revenge. That’s from satan. Yahweh’s character is the opposite. Forgiving and loving and giving blessings.

We’re called to be like Jesus. Is he vengeful and spiteful? By no means.

We know from experience that when we are spiteful and vengeful it never ends well. It full of chaos and evil.

In the scripture, He reminds us that all of us should be in agreement and understanding each other, loving each other as family, being kind and humble.

We’re called to do this so that we’ll receive a blessing. Yahweh sees the good and listens to our prayers. He will not entertain the prayers of the evil.

All one has to do is see the news around the world and notice evil. Yes, there’s good too. The thing is, though, that the evil outweighs the good.

We must be the example to the world to turn that evil around. We must!

What will you do to receive Yahweh’s blessing? We all have a little bit of bad in us that we can change. Even me. Yes, even me! It can be as abstract as our attitudes.

Comment your experience and answer the question. Let’s bless others and also in return be blessed.