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at Jesus' feet

I, the Lord, The First and Last, Have Spoken!

Isaiah 41 scripture image.

    • What is going on in these verses?
      • Isaiah predicts imminent judgment—but eventual restoration—for the people of Judah and Jerusalem.
      • God will be involved in helping His people when the Babylonian captivity is over. He will remind them that He, the Lord, is the First and the Last. The same truths, in the New Testament, are attributed to the Lord Jesus Christ, our Saviour God. God greatly inspires Israel, His servant. He reminds His people that He has taken them from the ends of the earth, that they are chosen, that they need not fear, and that He is with them to strengthen them, help them, and uphold them. He will hold their right hand against their idolatrous enemies.
      • The extent of these verses is to silence the fears and encourage the faith of the servants of God in their adversities. That is a word of caution, counsel, and comfort, which is so often repeated, Don’t be afraid, fear not. That God will strengthen their hands, that is, will help them: “I will hold your right hand, go hand in hand with you”: He will take us by the hand as our guide, to lead us in our way, will help us up when we are fallen or prevent our falls; when we are weak He will hold us up-wavering, He will fix us-trembling, He will encourage us.
      • He will silence their fears: Saying to you, Fear not. He has said it again and again in His word and has there provided sovereign corrections against fear: but He will go farther; He will by His Spirit say it to their hearts, and make them hear it, and so will help them.
      • Note, God does great things for His people, that He may be taken notice of.
    • What is God’s word saying?
      • For one, I don’t need to be afraid. Second, don’t have idols. Third, trust Him.
      • He is faithful and true to those of us who have Him as our one and only God. He encourages me; and you too, when you have only Him as your God. He reminds me over and over, that I don’t need to fear. Fear is a liar anyway. Lies are from the devil.
      • Finally, I will have faith in God to meet my needs and take care of me and be my guide.
        • When I’m fallen; He will pick me up or prevent my falls.
        • When I’m weak; He will hold me up and be my strength.
        • When I’m wavering (infirm); He will fix (restore) me.
        • When I’m trembling (unsteady); He will encourage (give hope to) me.

Prayer: Thank You, God, for Your sovereignty. Thank You for encouraging me. Thank You for reminding me over and over again that I do not need to fear. I pray that the readers will gain wisdom from You and Your word, as have I. I pray that we’ll do away with the idols and only seek You as our one true God. You are the first and last. The Alpha and Omega. I lift up those in need God. I pray their needs are met. In Jesus’ name, amen.