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God Imitators


The character that we bear of God’s children obliges us to resemble Him, especially in His love and goodness, in His mercy and readiness to forgive.

As the sacrifice of Christ was satisfyingly effective with God, so His example should be prevailing with us, and we should carefully copy it.

There’s no room for evildoing! You don’t do evildoing, you say? Are you sure of that?

Let’s do a quick mental check:

  • Expressing a bad attitude
  • Hoping for someone else’s bad fortune
  • Plotting revenge

Need I go on?

Over the years I’ve noticed a trend in people expressing their minds about how they believe so and so deserves to get a taste of their own medicine. That kind of thinking is sinful. Yahweh isn’t particularly excited that we’re thinking, talking, nor acting on this attitude. It’s clear in His word!

Yes, on occasion I’ve fallen prey to that thinking. I’m not immune to sin. Shocker, I know! None of us is immune to sin. We’re born into it. Yahweh’s word tells us we are. Go see for yourselves. I encourage you to pour over and delve into His word. Learn what it says. Be imitators of HIM! Not imitators of the world.

Are you an imitator of Yahweh? If so, comment your experience. Let’s talk.