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Slip of The Tongue

Ecclesiastes 5:6 imageYou should never make a promise you’re not going to be able to keep. Also, you should never make a promise that will lead you to sin. Yahweh doesn’t like when we lie and sin. He will destroy everything we worked for when we lie and sin.


We all do it. Sometimes unknowingly at first. Once we’ve realized the lie and sin and what is going to happen we need to seek to correct it before it gets worse. Better yet, don’t make promises that will lead to sin. How? Here’s how:
  1. When asked to make a promise/vow we need to seek deep into our soul and looking at the long term big picture (not fooling ourselves with wishful thinking) asking ourselves:
    1. Where will this lead?
    2. What’s the end result?
  2. Once you see the end result and know it will lead to sin don’t make the promise/vow.

Problem solved before it ever happens.

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