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Money, Do You Love It?


Some do! It has gotten many people into trouble. It can and will and has destroyed people.

Let’s clear up the misuse of this scripture of loving money. Shall we? Yes, we shall.

Many interpret this scripture to mean: having money is what causes evil and all that entails.

Let’s look at that scripture verse again. V. 10: The love of money causes all kinds of evil. Some people have left the faith because they wanted to get more money, but they have caused themselves much sorrow.

It says, the love of money causes all kinds of evil. It’s the love of money. To love money and crave it like it is a drug addiction. Scripture is talking about the desires involved with money. That addiction creates zombies who wreak havoc on life.

When someone is financially endowed it’s what they do with that money that determines whether they’re loving money or using it to bring glory and honor to Yahweh.

If you’re familiar with scripture, you recall, it talks about tithing a 10th of everything we having coming in. That goes for money, food, etc. Consumables.

We should not have a desire to hoard money like it’s the breath of life.

I’ve seen stories where people have found some cash they forgot they had because they hid it in their belongings and later decided to purge and clean up their space to only be surprised to find the cash.

Then there are those who spend money like they have a hole in their pockets. People overspend out of the want of “stuff” that ends up buried in other stuff to be forgotten about because society has this mentality to “keep up with the Joneses”. This mentality has caused so many to be in serious and severe debt. That debt has them under the control of the debt collectors.

At one time, in my past life, I also had this mentality. It’s a slippery slope that one is unable to stop on their own.

The Holy Spirit, Yahweh, Jesus is the only way to have control. Seek HIM, The Great “I AM!” Surrender to HIM and allow Him to help you. HIS Word, the Holy Bible, is a great place to start!

How’s your financial status? What do you do to stay in control?

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Happy Blessings to you all.