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The Circle Is Complete!

The Bible makess a complete circle. Genesis opens with man in a perfect state of union with his Creator. On the other hand, through his own will, man fell. Throughout the rest of the Bible, we see the harsh suffering sin causes and Yahweh’s attempt to bring man back home. Then the Bible closes with the eternal paradise restored to all who come to Yahweh through Christ. In Jesus, man is eternally redeemed, to never repeat the corrupting circle of his foolishness agaimn. Nowhere else are we given such glances of the glory Yahweh has prepared for us as in Revelation.

Some reckon Revelation is a puzzle. The very title denotes Yahweh wants us to know His eternal plan revealed through Christ. In this “apocalypse” or “revealing,” there are four important lessons to remember: (1) there is an ever-existing struggle between good and evil, but right will eventually triumph in Christ; (2) seven messages are included for specific churches and can be applied to the entire church age and to our own personal lives; (3) the heavenly visions give support and comfort to all who face severe testing and trials; and (4) this is Yahweh’s last written Word to us.

Revelation is the ultimate work of all Scripture. Without this book, the Bible would be undone like a novel without a last chapter. Also, this is the only Bible book that utters a blessing on all who read it: Blessed is the one who reads the words of God’s message, and blessed are the people who hear this message and do what is written in it. The time is near when all of this will happen. (Rev 1:3). The wise believer reads and rereads this great revelation of Jesus Christ written by John.

It’s not really a puzzle. Allow Yahweh to help you understand. Don’t let the World tell you. It will only confused you. That’s what Satan wants. Don’t let him have it.

I’ve went through more than one study of the book of Revelation. It’s good to have someone who can decipher it during the study. Read it, pray about it, allow Yahweh to open your mind to its message. It’s enlightening to say the least.

What’s your experience with the book of Revelation? Comment, share, let’s chat.