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Faith Risk


Yahweh needed companionship. He took a risk in creating the world. He took a risk in creating humans. The risk He took was that this would bring great sorrow or great joy. He was taking that chance. Yahweh has faith in us.

There is always a risk in taking a chance in life. Whatever we do in life is taking a chance. We need to have faith. Faith is believing that the chance is worth it and that a loving God will guide us as we live life. Love is acting on that faith.

Yahweh said everything he had made was very good. He had faith that His creation would bring Him great joy. Even though we still bring Him sorrow. He continues to have faith and trusts that His creation will bring Him joy.

All we need to do is trust Him and have faith in Him to meet our needs and to take care of us.

When we feel lonely, He is right there by our side. When we feel sad, He is right there to cheer us up. His word is full of promises to us. Seek His word and trust in faith in Him.

What risk and chance are you taking in life? Comment and let us know. We all need a blessing.