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Rules of The Game

Everyone loves a good game, right?

Here’s the thing; in order for the game to be fair and fun, we must have rules. Without rules, it’s chaos and anarchy.

In the scripture image, it tells of Aaron being given rules to live by, a law, to live a holy life. This is when The Law, given to the Levites, was started for a God fearing people. This is how the book of Leviticus came to be.

Granted, we are not under servitude to the old laws ascribed in Leviticus, there are laws of love that we must keep in Christ’s Kingdom. Leviticus serves to show that Yahweh is high and holy and that He demands the best from us. Paul says that regardless of it, we are free in Christ, we are not free to become involved in the captivity of the flesh.

In Hebrews, we see the old system of Leviticus merged into the New Testament. Praise Yahweh for His Law! Society only lasts because of it.

Back to the rules of the game. On occasion, rules are modified to better suit the game. In our faith, Jesus became the game rule changer. His gift of salvation created the merger of old to new rules. The merger made the rules more encompassing but, at the same time, easier to follow.

What game rules are you living by? Share, with me; here, what game and its rules you are living by. How’s that working for you?

Me: I live by Yahweh’s love and the rules that entail. If you’ve experienced me in person, do you agree with my estimation of myself? Leave a comment, let’s chat.