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We’ve all experienced this concept in life. I like this quote:

“United We Stand Divided We Fall” – Aesop

We’ve all been told by our elders when growing up and even as adults to go together wherever we go in public because two are safer than one.

All throughout history some form of this has been stated.

Well, we see in Yahweh’s word that He also says it. Why, because it’s true!

The part about the rope that is woven of three strands is hard to break is very true as well. A good rope made properly is very sturdy. We see ships use a very strong rope to tie off a ship to the dock. Cattle ropers use a good strong rope to rope and tie cattle they’re trying to separate from a herd.

So, the truth of the matter is that two or more is better and stronger than one.

Who’s your team/tribe? Do you have one? If not, why? If so, comment your testimony of your experience with teamwork.

Me? My tribe is the intimate circle of women I experience life with. My larger tribe is the women in this ministry. Even though some or most you have never met me in real life have had some experience with me here online. What has that been like for you? Answer in the comments.