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The Teacher

Ecclesiastes 12:9,11,13 imageWe can all remember our favorite teacher(s) from school. Even I do. I had 3 favorite teachers. One in elementary/primary school, one in high school, and one in a training class for a job I had. I thought they were wise and great teachers.

Scripture speaks of “The Teacher”. He is the wisest teacher of all. He gives His final advice, in v. 13: Honor Yahweh and obey His commands, because this is all people must do. Honor and obey Yahweh! This is all we must do! In doing so, everything else falls into place.

Here’s a quote from the NIV 365-Day Devotional I read:

The ultimate source for finding meaning in life: knowing and living with God. God is the Locksmith who promises to help us find a way. Ultimately, true meaning in life can be found only in a relationship with God – a relationship that is the “duty of all mankind”.

Do you have a relationship with Yahweh? If not, what’s holding you back?

One great way to build that relationship is to get into His Word. Absorb it. Let it wash over you. Praise and worship Him. Give Him the glory for all things.

Share your testimony and bless others. Let them know they’re not alone in this thing called life. How has Yahweh blessed you? We’d love to read about it. Comment and share.

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