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Trust, Do Good, Delight, & Commit To The Lord

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  • What is going on in these verses?
    • The Psalms give personal feelings a voice; they are poetry made into songs, not doctrinal writings. The psalmists often were interested in how something felt more than what it meant. Think of the psalms as diary entries; they describe the psalmist’s most intimate interactions with God. The various psalms help us see that God reacts to us in our emotional highs and lows.
    • David was troubled by what seemed to be the success of the wicked. He shared his knowledge to others that God had shown him. God told him not to worry because that ‘only caused harm’. Instead, David must trust in the Lord, to dwell and feed on Him, to delight himself in God, to commit his way to God, to rest in and wait for Him, and to give up the anger and rage. These responses allow a man of God to stand, regardless of the outward situation or inner stress.
  • What is God’s word saying?
    • I must trust in the Lord, dwell and feed on Him and His word, delight myself in God, commit my way to God, rest in and wait for God, and give up any anger and rage I feel. These responses will allow me,  a woman of God, to stand, no matter the life situation or inner stress I have.
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Prayer: Dear Father God, help me to trust in You, fully. Show me, as You did with David, so that I may share what I learn with others. I know You don’t do that so much now… But, make Your word stand out to me in a way to be a lesson so others can gain wisdom from You. I pray for those who are under inner and outer stress, who anger and rage about life. Show us that You have it all under control and that You. We have no need to worry. I thank You, God, in Jesus’ name, amen.