The Rewarder

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If Christ therefore be the Saviour of all men, then much more will he be the Rewarder of those who seek and serve him; he will provide well for those whom he has made new creatures. – Matthew Henry

Who doesn’t love being rewarded?

Then, it’s a good idea to train your spiritual muscles and be a servant of Yahweh to receive His blessings for now and the future.

How do I train my spiritual muscles you ask? Let me share how you can train yourself. (Adapted from Chana Weisberg’s recipe.)

Exercise: When: Spiritual Muscles Used: Duration: How many times:
Say words of thanks to Yahweh for the gift of another day of life. Immediately upon awakening. Introspection, connection with your Creator, gratitude. 15 seconds Once a day, every morning.
Say a blessing on your food. Before or after eating. Gratitude and appreciation for what you have. 2-5 seconds Throughout the day.
Pick up the phone and say a kind word to your parent (For those whose parents are alive.) Could be a family member. Any time you have a spare moment (make sure you FIND that moment). Kindness, honouring and respecting your parents/family. 5-15+ minutes As many times as you are able, depending on circumstances.
Pray to Yahweh and meditate on His Word Morning, afternoon and evening Realign yourself, evaluation of your priorities, developing a relationship with your Creator 5 min. to 1 hour + depending on spiritual stamina 1-3 times a day
Volunteer to help someone who needs it. Anytime! Compassion, awareness of the plight of others 5 seconds-1+ hours At least once or twice a week

I know there is a lot more that you can do. But you must be careful not to strain your spiritual muscles or you could get disheartened with the workout and give up altogether. I have in the past.

You could just be surprised at how an investment of a few seconds several times throughout your day can give you a bunch of spiritual energy while revitalizing your whole being.

Let’s spend 2% of our day for ourselves, for Yahweh and for all of humanity?

Share your results in the comments. Let us know how Yahweh has blessed you.

Do you need prayer? Contact us today. We have a prayer army waiting to pray for you.

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