Worship in Spirit

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We must worship the Messiah in Spirit and truth! What does that look like for you? I believe there are a lot of people deceived by the false teaching regarding worship. God's word is true and right. Get into it. It's the authority over all. Not man's word! For me, it's spending quiet time in the word, praying (in my closet, in corporate church services, and individually with people), singing to God, and maybe some dancing (not wildly flailing about out of control). Nowhere in God's word does it instruct us to thrash about yelling out of control to worship Him. I'm sure there is an amount of excitement to express for God. I do believe it's with control, though. A celebration for HIM! Happy TGIF & Valentine's Day. The day of love. I celebrate this everyday, however; not just one day a year! Amen!

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