Your Will, Not Mine, Yahweh!

Luke-22_42As being fully human subjects Jesus to the same as we experience, here He was praying and pleading for His life. He still prayed, “But do what You want, not what I want”.

It is not always easy to give into Yahweh. We would much rather give the orders and ask Yahweh to back up our plans. However, real praying is learning what He desires for our lives and then doing it. When we can sincerely come to Him and say, “Your will be done,” we are then able to face anything that comes.

How about you? Do you struggle with obedience to Yahweh and doing what His word tells you? I know I do. You’d be lying if you said no. As humans, we want to be the boss. It’s in our nature.

That’s not to say that were unable to be obedient. It’s simply a human struggle to follow other’s orders. It can and should be done, however. As stated before, when we do follow His orders we’ll be able to face whatever comes.

Comment a time you obeyed Yahweh and were blessed.