at Jesus' feet

Hear Ye; Hear Ye – Someone Much Greater is Coming!

Luke 3 scripture image

  • I observe that Luke is telling about John the baptist in his ministry when he was going along the Jordan River preaching and baptizing people with water in the name of the Father,  the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Luke is telling about John answering people’s questions concerning what he was doing and what they should do. They were expecting the Messiah and thought John was Him. John expressed that someone great that he was coming soon. He is so much greater. John explained that the Messiah will baptize with the Holy Spirit and with fire. John was simply warning and announcing the Good News of the Messiah to the people.
    • The strong theme in this scripture is about the Messiah coming to baptize people with the Holy Spirit and fire to replace the baptizing John did because the Messiah hadn’t gone through the crucifixion and resurrection, yet. His baptizing was an example of what would happen later.
    • Side note: Think back to a time when you went through an experience where you thought someone you saw and heard was someone you were expecting to show up; some TV shows incorporate this humorous gag into their scripts. You know what I mean. Well, this scenario of John the Baptist isn’t humorous; it’s quite serious. But, you get the idea, right? The people expecting the Messiah thought John was HIM.

  • What is God’s word saying to me?
    • I believe this is something that is like being a modern-day John the baptist. I can be about God’s business of spreading the Gospel/the Good News of the Messiah. Lay people who are not clergy can perform baptisms. We don’t have to be preachers ordained to officially perform services. God’s word commands us to go out and spread the Gospel of Jesus the Messiah. While I wouldn’t be warning and announcing the Messiah’s arrival as they did in Biblical times, because He already died and rose again… that’s the message and that He will return for His people another time.
    • I just need to be about God’s business, not man’s. “Just Do It!”

Prayer: Dear ABBA YAH, I pray that I and all Your children would be YOUR messengers announcing the Good News of the Messiah, preaching, baptizing, and helping the needy until You return for us. I pray that we don’t mistake others for You. There is only ONE YOU… The world is in turmoil right now… as You know. I pray for people to seek and surrender to You, YAH. Thank YOU for Who You are, what You do, and continue to do in my life and Your children’s lives. I pray in Jesus’ name, amen.