Love Despite Hate

Luke 7:37-39How many times have you seen someone doing something and felt they should not be doing that? For instance, my husband and I are members of a motorcycle ministry. We go to places and interact with some downright evil people. Sometimes if ministering to someone calls for us to go into a bar/tavern we will go in. That doesn’t mean Yahweh loves us any less. He loves us all the same.

In the scripture image we see a sinful woman down on her knees weeping on The Messiah’s feet and washing them with her hair then pouring perfume on His feet. She’s loving on Him. That shows reverence/fear of Yahweh.

We need less judging about who we’re ministering to and more praise and worship of our Almighty Yahweh.

Have you experienced this? Would you like too, if you haven’t? Let the sinful woman in scripture be your example. Just do it, wherever you are and whenever. Love Yahweh, Yeshua, and Ruach Hako’desh [Holy Spirit]. Call on HIS name!

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