Sin Struggles

Without discipline we will run amok. Even though sin is present we can avoid sinning.

Children of The Most High God are disciplined. Why? Because we struggle with sin. Without discipline we go on in sin living unrighteously. Discipline helps us realign our priorities to match Yahweh. Are you aligned righteously with Yahweh? If not, why?

Sin as defined by the dictionary is wrongdoing. Knowing and doing wrong. This could be a physical act or mental act. How so?

  • Physically we act out doing wrong. God’s word is full of examples of doing wrong. Go investigate for yourself. Do your own study.
  • Mentally we scheme against people we don’t like thinking of ways we can get revenge. Or, we have a bad attitude. There’s oodles of TV shows that perpetuate this mentality.

I’ve done it too. None of us is immune to the lies of satan. He deceives us with a play on words.

Yahweh disciplines us just like a father disciplines his children. Any suffering you’re going through, hang tight. There’s a lesson in it. Also, it builds your character and faith.

Three ways you can stay strong in the LORD:

  1. As you struggle: Pray. Seek Yahweh. Lift up your struggle and ask Him for what you need. His Word tells us ask and it will be given…according to His will. It can not be for selfish reasons. It has to be something that will honor and glorify Yahweh, not you.
  2. Read The Word: The more you’re in The Word the less you are bothered by your struggles, the more blessed and loved you will feel. You’ll find answers in His Word too.
  3. Seek community: Fellowship with other believers. Ask them to pray with and for you. You will be blessed more than you can imagine when you live for the LORD and not self.

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Abba Yahweh, I lift up the readers of this blog post to You. Anyone who is struggling, help them find their way to You and find answers and healing. In the Messiah’s holy name, amen.

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