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The Call – Not From Any Human Source

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To serve God is the deliberate love-gift of a nature that has heard the call of God. -Oswald Chambers

According to Paul, in the scripture, and Oswald Chambers, God’s call on our lives happens without our choosing. Paul mentions in verse 12 that he received revelation directly from Jesus Christ. Then in verse 15, it says: But even before I was born, God chose me and called me by his marvelous grace.

We are God’s vessels. He uses each of us for his grand purpose. To share the Good News of the Gospel to save lost souls for Christ.

What are you doing to prepare yourselves for God to place a ministry on your hearts? Paul went away and spent time preparing himself. Then, he came back to spend time with Peter to learn to be a disciple of Jesus. God doesn’t need ours or any other human source to do HIS will in our lives. HE simply wants each of us to give HIM time. HE wants to use each of us. HE will use each of us with or without our permission. It’s HIS prerogative!

Dear Father YAH, thank YOU for the call on my life and pray for all the others YOU call on to be on board with YOU and not resist it. Show us, LORD, what we need to do to honor YOU and to glorify YOU. I pray each person reading this will be convicted to seek and surrender fully to YOU. I pray also, Father YAH, for the sick. I pray for healing and recovery according to YOUR will. Thank YOU, in Jesus’ name, amen.

Come Boldly to the Throne of Grace

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The church is Christ’s dove; she comes back to him. Christ is The Rock, the only place she feels, and, is safe. Christ calls her to come boldly to the throne of grace, having a great High Priest there, to tell her requests to. Speak freely, don’t be afraid of insults or defeat. The voice of prayer is pleasing and sweet to Yahweh; those who are approved of Yahweh have the good qualities of inner beauty. The first signs of sinfulness and worldly behaviors are like little foxes that must be rejected.

This is a command to believers to discipline their sinful desires and feelings, that are like little foxes, because they ruin their compassion and well-being, and defeat good beginnings. Whatever we find a stumbling block, we must discard. He serves among the wildflowers; this shows Christ’s gracious nearness to believers. He is kind to all His people. It behooves them to believe this, when feeling deserted and deprived, and therefore block any temptations.

The secrets of the Jewish organization were rejected by the happening of the gospel day. And a day of happiness will come after a night of rest.

Returning over the mountains of Bether, “the mountains that separate,” looking forward to the day of return and to experience His love in His presence in Eternity. Christ will appear bigger than every separating mountain to bring us home to him.

What a day that will be! How does this coming day affect you? I invite you; come boldly before His throne of grace. Comment, let me know your experience with Yahweh.

Wise Words

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The wise accept when other’s share wisdom because the wise can add to their own wisdom.

Just like it says in verse 7, knowledge begins with respect for the Lord, but fools hate wisdom and discipline.

Only a fool would reject Yahweh’s discipline and wisdom.

We must accept knowledge from others to add to our wisdom. We must live in The Word because it is alive and living itself. It will help build our character and help us be wise, not foolish.

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Let’s be wise. Let’s accept knowledge and apply it to our lives. Share your knowledge to help build other’s up. Bless others and bless yourselves at the same time.

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Character Flaws


Our homes, labs of human experience, provide the climate for spiritual education.

When some character flaw (sin) is revealed in us, we must take that flaw to our Lord for His help in correcting it.

Yahweh is our disciplinarian. He administers our punishment and corrections.

While discipline isn’t a joy ride and is painful at times, later, after learning from it, we will have peace, because we start living in the right way.

We all have character flaws that need discipline and correcting. All one needs to do is to “people watch”. You know what I mean. Go to the mall and sit and just watch. The other place could be a public park or garden with people. Central Park, in NY, for example. That’s a huge place. One would never run out of places to sit and people watch. All sort of things can be seen by people watching. I suppose that’s why there is the entertainment industry. We like to watch other’s flaws, and forget we have any. Until all of a sudden, a scene strikes a nerve in you. All because it reminds you of yourself. Don’t deny it. It’s true.

We need to surrender to Yahweh and allow Him to correct us. To make us more like Him.

How are you doing at surrendering to Him and being obedient? Comment and share your experience. The good and bad.

We all need to see that we’re not alone in this thing. Let’s bless each other! Yes, me too! That’s what I’m saying above. I people watch and then get struck! I’m guilty!

Sin Struggles

Without discipline we will run amok. Even though sin is present we can avoid sinning.

Children of The Most High God are disciplined. Why? Because we struggle with sin. Without discipline we go on in sin living unrighteously. Discipline helps us realign our priorities to match Yahweh. Are you aligned righteously with Yahweh? If not, why?

Sin as defined by the dictionary is wrongdoing. Knowing and doing wrong. This could be a physical act or mental act. How so?

  • Physically we act out doing wrong. God’s word is full of examples of doing wrong. Go investigate for yourself. Do your own study.
  • Mentally we scheme against people we don’t like thinking of ways we can get revenge. Or, we have a bad attitude. There’s oodles of TV shows that perpetuate this mentality.

I’ve done it too. None of us is immune to the lies of satan. He deceives us with a play on words.

Yahweh disciplines us just like a father disciplines his children. Any suffering you’re going through, hang tight. There’s a lesson in it. Also, it builds your character and faith.

Three ways you can stay strong in the LORD:

  1. As you struggle: Pray. Seek Yahweh. Lift up your struggle and ask Him for what you need. His Word tells us ask and it will be given…according to His will. It can not be for selfish reasons. It has to be something that will honor and glorify Yahweh, not you.
  2. Read The Word: The more you’re in The Word the less you are bothered by your struggles, the more blessed and loved you will feel. You’ll find answers in His Word too.
  3. Seek community: Fellowship with other believers. Ask them to pray with and for you. You will be blessed more than you can imagine when you live for the LORD and not self.

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Abba Yahweh, I lift up the readers of this blog post to You. Anyone who is struggling, help them find their way to You and find answers and healing. In the Messiah’s holy name, amen.