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HIS Own Special Treasure

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In His wrath over the wickedness of the Earth God took drastic measures to change things. He wiped out all human life with a flood of water over the whole Earth but Noah's family and 2 of each kind of creature in the sea, in the air, and on the land. Once God finished with the flood He commenced to have Noah's family and all creatures to repopulate the Earth. God made a new covenant with Noah. The rainbow. He promised to never wipe out everything using a flood again. In fact, God said He wouldn't destroy life again no matter their wretchedness. I supposed this is the point where a saviour would come into play. What are your thoughts on this subject? Let's share and talk about it.

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Faithful Promises

Deut 7:9 imageImagine the story of the “Prodigal Son” here for a moment.

It doesn’t matter how bad you’ve been. When you turn to Yahweh, love and obey Him, He will lavish you with his unfailing love.

Yahweh is a faithful God. He keeps his sacred covenant. A sacred covenant is a sacred pledge, like a contract agreement.

How are you treating Yahweh’s sacred covenant? Are you loving and obeying Yahweh? Are you like the prodigal son returning to your Father in Heaven, Yahweh? He wants to lavish His unfailing love on you.

Comment and share how Yahweh is lavishing His love on you. Do you need prayer? Contact us now and our prayer army will lift your request up to Yahweh.