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Supreme Love

Trust is the supreme expression of love. Therefore, it may mean more to Yahweh when we say, “I trust you,” than when we say, “I love you.”

Yahweh not only provides the rules and guidelines but comes with us personally each day to strengthen us so that we can live according to those rules. All we must do is trust Him, invite Him, and respond to His direction.

Wait patiently and He will fulfill His promises.

It’s in the waiting patiently that we are blessed and in turn, bless others.

I challenge each of you to patiently wait on the promises of Yahweh to be fulfilled.

Will you join me? Leave a comment and let me know you accept the challenge.

Faithful Promises

Deut 7:9 imageImagine the story of the “Prodigal Son” here for a moment.

It doesn’t matter how bad you’ve been. When you turn to Yahweh, love and obey Him, He will lavish you with his unfailing love.

Yahweh is a faithful God. He keeps his sacred covenant. A sacred covenant is a sacred pledge, like a contract agreement.

How are you treating Yahweh’s sacred covenant? Are you loving and obeying Yahweh? Are you like the prodigal son returning to your Father in Heaven, Yahweh? He wants to lavish His unfailing love on you.

Comment and share how Yahweh is lavishing His love on you. Do you need prayer? Contact us now and our prayer army will lift your request up to Yahweh.