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A Hurried Visit


12 of 25 Advent Scripture

This is an amazing piece of scripture. Why?

  • Mary’s conceived with the Messiah.
  • Elizabeth is pregnant with the forerunner of the Messiah.
  • Elizabeth is immediately filled with the Holy Spirit upon greeting Mary.
  • The joy both women and baby expressed at the greeting of the two women.

I mean, this is astoundingly amazing. There is so much in this. It’s obvious the Holy Spirit is at work here. Why?

  1. Elizabeth has no forewarning of Mary’s visit and that Mary would be pregnant, no less with the Messiah.
  2. The only way Elizabeth’s baby (John) would know of Mary’s pregnancy would be by the Holy Spirit.
  3. Mary made this long journey to see her cousin, Elizabeth. Not sure about the reason. There’s a lot of speculation about why Mary visited Elizabeth. Some theologians say it could’ve been
    1. …to be with someone who would listen and be understanding of Mary’s situation.
    2. …because she was to conceive of the Messiah in the country of the line of David.
    3. …because Elizabeth was Mary’s favorite relative and she felt more comfortable with Elizabeth.
    4. …because of the embarrassment she felt from the people in the place she lived.

No matter the reason. The whole point is that the Holy Spirit moved in Elizabeth upon their greeting. The baby, John, within Elizabeth knew that the Messiah was within Mary. Only the Holy Spirit can do this. And the way John lept in Elizabeth’s womb was not just the baby moving around like a normal baby in the womb moves. That’s mind-blowing to me.

Just like I mentioned previously in the post about Elizabeth, the Messiah/the Holy Spirit is everywhere all the time at once. I’m gobsmacked at this. It’s so amazingly awesome!

These kinds of signs are unmistakable. Only God can do this. Having this kind of tangible evidence is undeniably God.

Don’t be dismayed, however. God uses each of us to fulfill His purpose. We all have a place in His plan. Don’t give up.

What are your thoughts on this occasion with Elizabeth and Mary?

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Dear Adonai, Abba Yah, Holy Spirit, YOU are beyond comprehensible to understand. YOU are amazing and awesome. Thank YOU, Yah, for this awesome and amazing gift of a Saviour. I lift up the readers of this blog and pray that they’re blessed to move and share YOU with everyone they encounter. Thank You, Yah, for using me and others for Your purpose. Thank You for the readers you send here. In Jesus’ precious and holy name, amen.