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The Good News – The Holy Spirit Speaks Prt 6

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  • What is happening in these verses?
    • In my research and studying, I observed these details:
      • Mark the apostle wrote this letter, in the book of Mark, chapter 13.
      • The theme of these verses is to encourage the readers to persevere through suffering and persecution while sharing the Good News to all the earth.
      • The work they were called to should be carried on and succeed in spite of all the opposition that they would meet with while doing it. The gospel must, for all this, be told among all nations, and before the destruction of Jerusalem the sound of it must go forward into all the earth; not only through all the nation of the Jews but, to all the nations of the earth.
      • It is a comfort to those who suffer for the gospel, that, even though they may endure great suffering, the gospel cannot; it must keep going, stand firm, and carry on.
      • The Holy Spirit gives us the words we need to say. We do not have to come up with our own words to share the Good News. The Holy Spirit speaks, not us.
  • What is God’s word saying?
    • While there are assigned missionaries that go out to foreign lands and spread the Good News of the Gospel and make disciples there, there are local mission fields that still need to hear the Good News. Especially in today’s day and age of what is going on. I won’t go into details since it’s already being broadcast all over the place constantly.
    • People are lost and need to be found, by God.
    • As far as what to do; we need to “Just Do It”! Yes, my favorite quote.
        1. Be in the Word and learn what it says so we can be ready to share any time.
        2. Pray without ceasing.
        3. Feel the Holy Spirit pouring over, in, and throughout our bodies; filling us to overflowing with His love, comfort, and guidance as we endure whatever comes our way; good or bad.
        4. Team up with other believers to go out into the community to share the Good News during a project for the community.

Prayer: Thank You, Father God, for the gift of Salvation. I pray for the lost souls to be found and that the Good News of the Gospel will make it around the world. Use me, Lord, I’m here. I pray for Your children to step up to the plate and share the Gospel of Jesus. Holy Spirit, be my voice and also for Your other children. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Breathed On By God

A Hurried Visit


12 of 25 Advent Scripture

This is an amazing piece of scripture. Why?

  • Mary’s conceived with the Messiah.
  • Elizabeth is pregnant with the forerunner of the Messiah.
  • Elizabeth is immediately filled with the Holy Spirit upon greeting Mary.
  • The joy both women and baby expressed at the greeting of the two women.

I mean, this is astoundingly amazing. There is so much in this. It’s obvious the Holy Spirit is at work here. Why?

  1. Elizabeth has no forewarning of Mary’s visit and that Mary would be pregnant, no less with the Messiah.
  2. The only way Elizabeth’s baby (John) would know of Mary’s pregnancy would be by the Holy Spirit.
  3. Mary made this long journey to see her cousin, Elizabeth. Not sure about the reason. There’s a lot of speculation about why Mary visited Elizabeth. Some theologians say it could’ve been
    1. …to be with someone who would listen and be understanding of Mary’s situation.
    2. …because she was to conceive of the Messiah in the country of the line of David.
    3. …because Elizabeth was Mary’s favorite relative and she felt more comfortable with Elizabeth.
    4. …because of the embarrassment she felt from the people in the place she lived.

No matter the reason. The whole point is that the Holy Spirit moved in Elizabeth upon their greeting. The baby, John, within Elizabeth knew that the Messiah was within Mary. Only the Holy Spirit can do this. And the way John lept in Elizabeth’s womb was not just the baby moving around like a normal baby in the womb moves. That’s mind-blowing to me.

Just like I mentioned previously in the post about Elizabeth, the Messiah/the Holy Spirit is everywhere all the time at once. I’m gobsmacked at this. It’s so amazingly awesome!

These kinds of signs are unmistakable. Only God can do this. Having this kind of tangible evidence is undeniably God.

Don’t be dismayed, however. God uses each of us to fulfill His purpose. We all have a place in His plan. Don’t give up.

What are your thoughts on this occasion with Elizabeth and Mary?

For further reading go to a more detailed post here.


Dear Adonai, Abba Yah, Holy Spirit, YOU are beyond comprehensible to understand. YOU are amazing and awesome. Thank YOU, Yah, for this awesome and amazing gift of a Saviour. I lift up the readers of this blog and pray that they’re blessed to move and share YOU with everyone they encounter. Thank You, Yah, for using me and others for Your purpose. Thank You for the readers you send here. In Jesus’ precious and holy name, amen.

In Battle

We’re all in a battle of some sort. These battles are not of this world, though. It is Spiritual warfare.

Scripture expresses it this way:

Our fight is not against people on earth but against the rulers and authorities and the powers of this world’s darkness, against the spiritual powers of evil in the heavenly world. Ephesians 6:12

We need the Holy Spirit. He gives us power. Read scripture for yourselves. You can see.

Only a fool accepts the allegations of the enemy. If we’re ever going to really be free, we need to completely sell out to Christ.

The message is clear; there is no middle ground. Either we serve God or we serve worldly materialism.

Jesus said: “No one can serve two masters. The person will hate one master and love the other, or will follow one master and refuse to follow the other. You cannot serve both God and the world. Matthew 6:24

It’s you choice! Choose wisely!

But if you don’t want to serve the Lord, you must choose for yourselves today whom you will serve. … As for me and my family, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15 [Emphasis mine. Read the whole word in Scripture.]

Who do you choose? Where do you find yourself today? What season are you in? Comment, let’s chat!

The New Guidance Counselor

The Father is the only one with ultimate authority to decide dates and times. So, we need to stop pushing our timeline onto Yahweh.

We need to seek guidance from The Holy Spirit. When we accept Him He enters our spirit. We receive power from Him.

What power? You ask?

The same power who raised the dead to life, the same power that made the lame to walk, the same power that made the blind to see. 

With that same power we can fight off Satan in Jesus’ name. The name above all names. Satan shutters and his teeth nash, and he falls to the ground when we call on the name of Jesus.

I’m mind blown at the very thought of this! It’s way beyond awesome. The Holy Spirit goes to battle for us. We read about that earlier. When we praise and worship Yahweh He wins the battles for us. We only need to trust and obey Him!

Will you trust and obey Him, now? Leave all your worries and burdens with Him. Praise & worship Him, and trust and obey Him. 

I’ve seen great things happen in my life when I do! You can as well! Be Blessed!

Song of the day:

What have you seen happen in your life when you trust and obey Yahweh and the Holy Spirit calling on you?

Me: One major miracle in 2009. It was a multi-faceted one. Yahweh was working in my husband at the very same time He was working in me. I was delivered from fibromyalgia and a mindset rework happened. Yahweh, at the same time, did a mindset rework in my husband about some sin in his life. In all that, saved our marriage. I was days away from losing my marriage. The plan was already in place and had begun when Yahweh shook it up and stopped it from happening. Things are about the get shook up again, I can see it coming, like a storm in the distance! Please, pray for us.

Christ Tests Believer’s Faith by Leaving

Song_of_Songs_3_1-5 image

I don’t know about you, but, I’ve had some seriously heavy nightmares similar to this scripture. One nightmare goes like this:

In the dead of sleep; my soul was awakend as I lay frozen and helpless asleep. The awakening came from a demon chasing me to capture me. My spirit was dreadfully fleeing the demon with him on my heels. He was shrieking and wailing after me. I screamed in dread of being caught. All of a sudden my physcial awoke in mortifying fright. I prayed aloud “In Jesus’ name leave this place satan, you are not welcome here.” I prayed that prayer over and over again. I was very afraid to fall back to sleep.

Have you ever had nightmares with demons after you? If so, what did you do and how did things turn out?

Today’s message is this:

It was difficult to the Old Testament church to find Christ in the rituals of the law; the guardians of that church did not give much help to those who desired Him.

The night is cold, dark, and sleepy, and of faint fears involving spiritual things. At first, when nervous, some weak attempts are made to reach the hope of fellowship with Christ. This proves to be pointless; the believer’s diligence is then stirred greatly.

A promise is given to the ones who seek for men’s souls.

Instant contentment isn’t found. We must not rest by any means, but by faith, appeal directly to Christ. Grasping onto Christ, and not letting him go, expresses sincerely abiding in Him.

What occurs is a humble, faithful requests by prayer, with a cheerful practice of faith in His promises. Provided that the faith of believers is maintained in Christ, He won’t be upset at their sincere requests, yes, He is thoroughly satisfied with it.

The believer wants to make others known of his Saviour. Anywhere we find Christ, we need to take Him with us, especially in our hearts; and we should challenge ourselves and each other, to beware of grieving our Divine Comforter and encouraging the separation of the Beloved Christ. He leaves His Holy Spirit as our Comforter. The Holy Trinity is Yahweh, Son/Christ, and the Holy Spirit… the three are One! So, Christ is still with us, of the Spirit. As is, Yahweh. You can call on any of them to reach all of them.

How mind-blowing and awesome is that?!?! Today, we have access to The Trinity. We have the knowledge because of His word. It’s alive and living. We can seek fellowship with Him. Hide the Word in your hearts. Once you have it, and Jesus in your hearts, nobody can take that away, nor separate you from Yahweh.

What is your fellowship with Christ like? Comment and bless others as well as yourself.

The Power Within


There’s a contemporary Christian singer who sings of this power. This power, The Holy Spirit takes up residence in us.

With The Holy Spirit within us, we can allow Him to be our Helper. He brings us peace. There’s no need to be troubled or afraid.

The Holy Spirit comforts us also when we do come into troubles. The Helper is our teacher and guide in life. We know these things because we have The Word, living and among us, that tells us.

With The Helper, The Holy Spirit, within us, we can block out the lies of satan. We have the victory today. Do you believe? Will you believe?

I’ve been in the headspace where I was fighting the enemy under my own steam. I’ve had nightmares fighting demons. Under my own steam, it’s a losing battle. With Yahweh in control, I stopped having nightmares and my anxiety is under control.

What about you? Comment your story and be blessed as well as bless others, letting them know they’re not alone!

Here’s the song I was referring to by Jeremy Camp: