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Long and Strong Mercy

There’s been a lot of theologians with a lot of influence over the years since The Apostle Paul. But, none like Paul.

Throughout Paul’s letters, he summons for downreaching love, pureness of life, and unceasing mercy for the lost. Paul sowed spiritual seed in the far corners of the earth. He contended for the right of Gentiles to hear Christ’s message and become essential for believers in the church. No one questions his reputation for good. Still, the awesome fact is, he was once a murderer! When he found Christ, his life dramatically changed. The inspiring story of Paul serves to remind us that Yahweh’s mercies are long and His love is strong. Thank Yahweh for a saving power that has reached even the likes of us.

Yahweh used Paul in a mighty powerful way for His purpose. He wants to use each of us as well.

What’s holding you back? What lies are Satan telling you?

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Me: I put myself out there. I’ve been ridiculed and yelled at. People will fight tooth and nail against hearing the truth of a Savior! Satan has people fooled. Don’t fall for his lies! I did at one time in my life. But, not anymore!