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Worship To Defeat

In 2 Chronicles Yahweh sent out the praise team in battle instead of an army because He knew it would be certain defeat if He sent out the army regimen! They were outnumbered by a massive amount. So, He sent the praise team instead!

Spiritual power is released in praise and worship to Yahweh.

In the scripture of chapter 2 of 2 Chronicles we read that the army turned on itself and killed each other destroying themselves when the people praised and worshipped Yahweh.

I myself can attest to this to a small degree.

Between 2009 & 2012 & then again between 2013 & 2017 (a few months ago) there was a certain transformation going on with me.

Instead of battling against the evil forces against me (alone) I turned on praise music. I sang along. I read scriptures and prayed.

I could see small battles being defeated. I left it with Yahweh.

When you’re facing a massively intimidating battle and you’re outnumbered, release the Spiritual power of Yahweh with praise and worship of Him.

Here’s one of my go to praise and worship battle songs:

Where do you find yourself when overwhelmed with defeat looming in the wings? What’s your response to a battle you’re facing?

Comment your response. Let’s chat. Let’s pray, praise and worship in the battle and let Yahweh defeat the enemy! After all He already has! Praise You Jesus for the gift of Salvation!

We Have Every Reason To Praise

Isa 61:10 imageYahweh has covered me with the clothing of salvation, and decked me out with the a robe of righteousness. Yahweh has given believers righteousness and salvation.

Yahweh is my salvation!

Lift up your hands in praise to the Almighty Savior. He sent the Messiah, Yeshua, to be sin for us to save us from an Eternity in hell.

I think of this of Nicole C. Mullens song:

Are you praising Yahweh today? Share what you have to praise Yahweh about.

Do you need prayer? Contact us for your prayer request. We have a prayer army waiting to lift you up.